EMA Is a Faceless Terrorist Organization —Egaga


Our Correspondent|20 May 2017 
A university Don, Dr Patrick Egaga has described the Egalitarian Movement for African (EMA) as a toothless and faceless terrorist organization that should not been taken seriously.
Egaga who was reacting to the recent call by EMA for the suspension of the university of Calabar and University of Ilorin Vice Chancellors said that the organization is an esoteric that his personal check on them reveals that their existence is in doubt.
He said that, "They have no corporate address, their organization or leadership is not known and their motive is suspect, sinister and devilish".
He added that"if they so exist, my suspicion is that they are been sponsored by agent of destabilization with a motive to retard and emasculate development and the developmental strides of the two universities and their leadership".
Egaga, a lecturer in the department of Vocational education, University of Calabar maintained that if there is any organization that requires probe in the current dispensation, it should rather be the EMA who is crying wolf where there's non.
"For the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted that the universities by their establishment, have a robust systems of checks and balances to guide against any kind of fraudulent behaviour outside from the normal watchdogs like the ASUU, SSANU, NASSA and NAT.
"My advice is that the administration should do a thorough forensic and remain resilient and unyielding to this kind cheap blackmail", he added.
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