Former APC Gubernatorial candidate proposes age limits for elective offices in Nigeria

L-R: Odey Ochicha (L), Nigeria’s Coat of Arms(M) and Prince Thomas Abi Jr (R) 
Efio-Ita Nyok|9 May 2017 
The 2015 general elections gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC in Cross River State, Mr Odey Ochicha, has proposed age limits for elective public offices in the Federal Republic of Nigeria NegroidHaven can authoritatively inform. 
Mr Ochicha published his suggestion yesterday below the social media thread of popular social commentator, Prince Thomas Abi Jr., who had opined that Nigerian youths shouldn’t be political aloyal boys for supposedly elderly politicians. That they have the capacity to run public offices. 
In consonance with Prince Abi, Mr Ochicha said that the age limits for Offices of President should be 35, Governor and Senate 30, House of Representatives, LGA Chair and others 25.
In Mr Ochicha’s words, ‘Abi, I agree with you. President of Nigeria should be 35 up, Governor, Senate 30 years up, House of Reps, LGA chairmen and others 25 years up. This will be the beginning of a new Nigeria of equal rights, equal opportunities and justice for all. 
‘Let the Nigerian youths wake up and initiate these radical changes. Let’s move from the trivial to the vital. Let’s build a new Nigeria of love, peace, unity, understanding and justice’ he said. 
At the present, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria sets are limits thus: President/Vice President 40, Governor/Deputy Governor/Senate 35, House of Representatives/House of Assembly/LGA Chairmanship 30, and LGA Councilor 25. This is simply outrageous. 
To demonstrate their progressiveness, the federally ruling APC should take the ongoing not-to-young-to-run campaign seriously. 
Efio-Ita Nyok
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