Gov. Ayade’s campaign group ostracises Special Assistant Michael Abuo, SA expresses poetic discontent


Efio-Ita Nyok|24 May 2017 
Yesterday 23 May, members of the TeamAyade, a group responsible for the re-election of the incumbent Governor of Cross River State, Mr Ben Ayade, met at Channels View Hotel without Mr Michael Abuo, the critically outspoken Special Assistant on Students Affairs to the Governor. 
According to the Personal Assistants on Students Matters, Mr Ajie Paul, the '#TEAMAYADE support group meet at the Channel View Hotel Calabar to lend their support on the Governor's policies & programs in moving Cross River State forward as well as embarking on some sort of sensitization as it concerns the well being of cross Riverians & also canvass support across board for the Governor's second term run'. 

This is how SA Abuo expressed his discontent: 
While They Met At Channel View…While He Left For Abuja…
Those who mean well will speak forth 
We stood our grounds for you and still stand by you, 

You are the most learned of all that have led our clime, 

We saw your youthful drive, we heard tales of your enterprise, 

We know you can and will do better 
This is all we ask…and we know you will give us more, 

For in the end not just your position will be mentioned in history but how it went, 

But today a meeting was called and some of us were left behind, 

We were left behind cos of our portfolio 
Portfolio that some didn't earn, portfolio that is now a largesse, 

When we toiled they waited for the spoils
Now we have them aplenty advisers without advice, 

Earners who aren't workers, workers who aren't earners, 

Today speaks of the future…
Our waste bin calls for help; our students for far, 

Our people call for help; our taps yearn in thirst, 

Multitude and multiplicity of vipers on official robes our businesses tax 
Who suffers all, 

And now the new week dawns with petrol marketers revolt, 

So no fuel, no cabs and were there is the prices are high…

While you left and "they" met for your return and rerun, 
The people met and in their numbers too, 
In numbers larger than those that met at Channel View…

I was part of them!

They spoke about you in words too many for me…, 

The voices are building, the tempo is rising…, 

It's a new week…days are counting…history is recording…

2019 is just days away…
Save trip…

May our meetings be all inclusive and people based, 

Then it will be a clarion call….and meeting of us all… 

Today you challenged me….I wont fail you!, 
Prince Michael Nku Abuo
23rd May, 2017

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