One police man and a Navy personnel lost life in Navy/Police gun battle in Calabar


Efio-Ita Nyok|31 May 2017 
A police man and a Navy personnel have been confirmed to have died yesterday in Calabar, Cross River State capital city by State Police Public Relations Officer, Ms Irene Ugbo, as a result of the gruesome gun battle that ensued between men of the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Navy NegroidHaven can report. 
According to Ugbo there was respite from the duel as leading officers of the Police and Navy have waded into the fiasco. In her words, 'there was a clash but the situation is calm now. The Commissioner of Police and Navy Commander have calmed the situation'. 
An eye witness account which pleaded for anonymity asserted that the trouble ensued when an unidentified police officer not on police uniforms was beaten by Navy personnel for reversing his vehicle close to the gate of the Nigerian Navy Barracks at IBB Way. 
According to FearlessReports the anonymous source said, 'The problem started when a Police DSP was trying to negotiate the U-turn around Akim Navy barracks. When he tried to turn the first time, he couldn't go so he reversed his vehicle back and in the process, the Navy guys at the gate said he touched their gate or he reversed close to their gate.

'Since he was on mofty, I think they didn't know he was a Police officer because when they approached him, they dragged him down and started beating him almost to a comer. It was then that Police officers rushed from Akim to the scene. You it is very close.

'When the Police arrived and saw that he was beaten to a coma and had sustained different degrees of injuries, they gunned down one Navy man.

'After the Navy man was gunned down, the Police were trying to escape but Navy reinforced very fast and shot and killed two Police men'.

He further added that 'since then they have been pandemonium in Calabar as they have  been serious exchange of gunshots between them. From the gunshots we heard after I ran for my life, more officers or even innocent citizens would have died'.

However, there are suspicions that the number of lives lost may have been more than two. NegroidHaven is yet to confirm this sentiment. 
Efio-Ita Nyok 
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