Press Release: Re: Minister Usani Faults NDDC on Projects Evaluation in Akwa Ibom


10 May 2017 
My attention is drawn to the replete press posts, which suggest that I held the Managing Director of the NDDC, Nsima  Ekere, responsible for poor project delivery.
Whereas I expressed grave discontent for obvious observations of poor project execution, there is no vestige of attributing the cause to the current management.  I   am conscious of the fact that my observation predates the current management, which places no burden of liability on the Managing Director.
I   am equally certain that I made no committal pronouncement on the claims of reporting certain unaccomplished projects as completed because I   have not sighted any such documentary content of claim.
The reports sound malicious and do not convey any coherent correlation between my views and the role of the current management vis-a-vis the agency's performance.
It is reminiscent of simple reasoning to note that we cannot blame a five-month old management for the deeds that span for more than one decade.
However, under my watch, the tradition of inefficiency will die naturally.
Usani Uguru Usani 
Hon Minister