REFLECTION: Unical-CUECO Inaugurates new SUG Executives.


Ubong Edet [6April 2017] The events of 28th of April 2017,cannot be forgotten in a hurry in the University of Calabar Agora. It was on the said date that  the in-coming Students’ Union Government (SUG) executives were formally inaugurated. The ceremony which was held at the varsity's new Senate Chambers was graced by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Zana Akpan, the Registrar Mr. Moses Abang, the Bursar Mrs. Beatrice Igwe among other management staff. The Chairman Independent Observers' Committee, Barr. Joe Eteng informed the Vice Chancellor that the election was the free and fairest election ever conducted by the school, in fact the Independent Observers' Committee were monitoring the whole to see there was no irregularities and shrouding of the system. Presenting executives for inauguration the CUECO Chairman Dr. James Okpiliya thank the students and school management for the support during the elections. His words : "The Vice Chancellor never told me to deliver any candidate, I don't have any right to impose candidate on student neither do my committee members reserve with such right despite all the rumours any committee who attempted such was expelled from the committee. It is the first time is the history of Nigeria SUG candidates were subject to live radio interview but we achieved this. In previous years it was very easy for SUG aspirants to buy pins from students but this time around it was not easy for such because of our security system we adopted. We ensure that other information were demanded from students for such pins to be used effectively, also those who didn't receive pins, we sent message to them to message us back "YES or NO" if they've gotten the pins, this helped us disseminate pins accurately to students. We monitored that no one hacked into our voting site. We recommend that the students union constitution be reviewed/amended especially sections that concerns the election any student who which to contest must resign every other position he or she was holding within the school but the constitution didn't stipulate weeks they are supposed to resign before coming to stand election. With the emergence of the online voting platform, the e-voting system should be included in the constitution, he added. Addressing the newly executives and those present, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Zana Akpagu first of all congratulated the newly elected exco for their victory at the polls. Continuing he added: " … I know it was not easy, you've fought a good fight, presented your manifesto and have been found worthy to be elected". "Also, let me thank the CUECO chairman for making this year's election take a different look, one of the innovations introduced by the CUECO chairman is the live manifesto of SUG aspirants on radio and online platforms and this is the first time such is happening in the whole Nigeria, so we are teaching the outside world transparency in electioneering process". And to the students for carrying out the process peacefully. Finally, to the outgoing EXCO I must confess I enjoyed your cooperation and your service to the students which has prepared you adequately for the outside world politics. Though there was a sad story because the man (Daniel Joseph) who was elected to be the President later derailed to do other things which didn't concerned him. First and foremost you people are students and entrusted in our care to nurture you intellectually and morally, being the President of SUG doesn't give you the authority of being stupid, no monopoly of being silly. So this should be a lesson to all Students and executive, there's need for dialogue, I operate a participatory government and at the end we will leave this University a better place for all of us knowing too well that I am Malabite. Lastly, the VC officially declared executives inaugurated. Valedictory speech from Comr. Nkpoikana Aniefiok (First Female SUG President) "I nurtured the ambition of being the Vice President SUG little did I know that it shall come to pass, that I shall address this Mahmud crowd as the President. Suffice to say though my administration didn't do very well in providing quality service to Nigerian students, it is said 'Imperfection defines a Man'. Today marks the end of  2015/2016 administration so it of necessity that we returned all glory to God, the university management, students and the entire University community. Our administration suffered in most areas; delay in disbursement of funds for my administration for actualization of proposed project, it resulted ineffectiveness of my administration in some parts. At the end we  were able to organize various programmes students week, procurement of television and cables, waste bins to all hall of residence, Mr. & Mrs. Unical Peagentry show, Malabor five-aside and Malabor world Cup, SUG award/dinner night, information and health week, washing of all water tanks in all hotels, we were able to implement ban on indiscriminate posting/publication around the university maintaining cleanliness around the school. For VC who provided enabling environment for us to showcase our leadership qualities, in Prof. Zana's administration the entire University Community has witness a robust and radical infrastructural development; refurbishing of hostels, supply of 10,000 mattresses to all halls of residence, installation of ceiling fans in all hostels. Finally, I thank the Dean of Students Affairs, other management staff and students and members of my executive Council members and congratulated to the new executives. Amongst the Inaugurated exco was Comr. Afufu Anthony Ogar SUG President in his acceptance speech "today marks another memorable day in the annals of our history since the establishment of this institution in 1975 in this hallowed Chambers as the mantle of leadership is entrusted to me officially, and in line with the free; fair and faith-based tenets of democratic franchise as exercised by the vast majority of Nigerian students in the University of Calabar on the 7th of April, where I was elected to lead them. During the electioneering process, I had consciously told the electorate (students) that water, light, sanitation, transportation and security are fundamental necessities that are always done with or without the existence of SUG President. In my manifesto, I was very mindful of the fact not to promise any white elephant project due to time frame. My administration shall establish Drug Free Club (DFC) to combats the menace of drug abuse on campus. We shall organize monthly solemn assembly in Malabor Republik. The Students' Union Government vision under my leadership shall work with Professor Zana Akpagu's agenda of 'Students! Students!! Students!!! (S3) in line with Afufu Anthony's agenda of Result! Result!! Result!!! (R3). When "Result" and "students welfarism" come together, it will amount to fruitfulness. "Malabites and Malabresses I understand your language and this is a language of Malabity Tendency". In the result of the election Comrade Afufu Anthony with a total votes of 1447 won his contender David Uyimeleshi with 1249 votes. Vice-president Comrade Chioma Kalu
became victorious with a total vote of 1524, defeating her major rival Mary-Jane Obianuju with a total votes of 1143 Speaking with our Reporter Comr. David Uyimeleshi described Afufu's victory as divine will of God. He said "I only lost in the poll but won in other aspects, at least have gained exposure, experience, self confidence having the opportunity to know the needs of Nigerian students and politics. I have not occupied any positions before (class representative, departmental/faculty, kparakpo), so if I could do this in my first time which means subsequent time in the future I will do better. I will work with Afufu as a friend, colleague and brother to see that my promise for Nigerian students is accomplished. Mercy Kalu a 300 level of Education described the result of election as authentic, considering the alarming rate of cultism in the school especially Malabor, so students needed a president with the fear of God so Afufu is most preferred who will help reduce this menace. A 300l student of faculty of law who prefers anonymity said "I supported David Uyimeleshi as the best Presidential candidate though he didn't emerged but working with Afufu Anthony is not bad because there's room for aligning of interest. Emmanuel Chidera, Department of Medicine and Surgery, "I supported David Uyimeleshi and Mary-Jane Obianuju as best candidates for the job, but I'm happy SUG didn't stumble into wrong hands with Afufu and Chioma students welfare will be secured. Other sworn-in officials: Chioma Kalu -Vice President, Olayi Michael – Secretary General, Osama Emmanuella – Deputy Secretary General, Iregbu Jude – Director of Sports, Idaka Kelvin – Director of Information, Ofem Esther – Financial Secretary, Egwu Daniel – Director of Social, Ofem Bassey – Director of Welfare. Originally published in Negroidhaven