#Relationship501WithFBI: hope can be very deceptive


First Baba Isa|24 May 2017 
Hope can be very deceptive and misleading, especially when not applied with wisdom and a spirit of gratitude.
In relationship most people lose what God has given them by taking it for granted and hoping for that elusive better something or someone.
It is "riskier" when you are a girl’s first boyfriend and you are really wonderful and a gentleman. She might hurt you, take you for granted and dump you; thinking they are many of your type out there.
Ask her “Do you think anyone out there can love you faithfully as I have been doing?” she will reply, “I wouldn’t know.” And most times she will foolishly dump you to find out. Dumping the good that you have to look for the better that you have not seen or the best that you hope to get isn’t smartness at all.
By the time dawn turn to dusk she has become a relationship or marital prayer warrior. Going from church to church, prayer house to prayer house, crusade to crusade praying for a husband to marry or the husband she manages to marry to come back home, to stop drinking, to foot the bills, to stop sleeping with the neighbour's house help or to stop using her as a punching bag.
By the time dusk turns to darkness, she will heap her mistakes and call it destiny. “If I was really meant to marry that guy I would have.” She sounds as if she is a robot, as if she had no free will, as if God forced her to ditch that good guy in her 20’s. And since no one takes responsibility, what is passed from mother to daughter is fatalism not lessons.
And this vicious cycle continues…
This applies to the guys too. 
—Firsts Baba Isa (FBI) is a relationship expert