Sen. John Owan-Enoh and his many sins against Obubra people. (Part 1) —By Richard Romanus


Richard Romanus|10 May 2017 
During the buildup up to the 2015 general elections,more than10 Obubra sons and daughters in the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) indicated interest to replace Senator John Owan who was as at then,rounding up his tenure in the House of Representatives as member Representing Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency.‎
Amongst them were;
1. Rt Hon Fabian Okpa, A two time House of Assembly member and later,Special Adviser to the Governor Liyel Imoke on Special Duties.He is a lawyer by profession.
2. Barr Margaret Ebokpo, She was until her resignation to join the race,the special Adviser to the then Governor on NGO's and Civil Societies.
3. Mrs. Blessing Egbara. A successful business woman who was doing extremely well in her business.
4. Dr Walter Mboto. An academia of no mean Repute. He was a board member in the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) during the Governor Liyel Imoke Administration having left the university of Calabar as a Senior Lecturer to take up the appointment.
5. Rt Hon Moses Onoh. A one time Local Government Chairman and a two time House of Assembly member who rose to become the leader of the House.
6. Mr Ken Egbas. A refine and well polish man who even though he was at some point appointment as Special  Adviser,Research and documentation by Governor Imoke during the last days of that administration,I can authoritatively say,he was doing well in the media world.
7. Barr Innocent Ovat. A well respected young lawyer who is doing well in the law profession and making the entire Mbembe people proud.
8. Dr Fidelis Obo. A technocrat of no mean Repute,academia and Politician.
9. Etaba Micheal. A young man who was unarguably doing extremely well in the Oil and gas sector and had little or nothing to do with politics before he was drafted into the race.
‎Now, I had to mention all of these people to explain to some of you, why no normal Obubra man will have anything to do with Senator John Owan Enoh. You all will agree with me that,of all the people mentioned, the later who is today the Rep member for Obubra/Etung was one of the least qualified judging by the intimidating CVs and Resumes of other aspirants but he Owan with the backing of the then Governor, foisted him on us.
His Choice of Hon Mike Etaba was basically to keep him perpetually loyal to him. He wanted somebody that can remain a stooge to him forever. Somebody he can always order around. Somebody that cannot raise a finger anytime he coughs. Somebody that will not wake up one day and plan to unseat him (Don't forget, Obubra and Yakurr are the only LGA's that have not gone to the Senate). But today like they say,man proposes,God disposes,the person he foisted on the entire Obubra people for his own selfish reasons has left him and has become one of the Governor's loyal National Assembly members. Instead of allowing Hon Etaba to be, he is working round the clock to destroy the young man Politically.
Personally, I was never a fan of Mike Etaba,he won my support and loyalty since the day he damned all the consequences and turned his back on Sen. Owan. That singular action showed a man,who is ready to unbundle Obubra people from the shackles of one man 'Owan'. As a matter of fact, I will continue to support him until the people of Obubra/Etung unanimously decide to ask him to give way for another person.
I insist that for Senator John Owan Enoh to think that, No Obubra son is worth being in the Senate, For thinking that,he will continue to Insult the sensibilities of the Obubra People, for thinking that, he can always have his way so long as Obubra LGA is concern, for thinking that Obubra will continue to be under his Whims and caprices and for thinking that, he can continue to be insulting our leaders and go scot free,Then no Obubra Son or daughter with his or her right senses will follow Senator John Owan Enoh to APC.
To be continued…
Richard Romanus
Is a Social Commentator