Some of Gov Ayade’s aides are digging the political graves of this admin —SA Students Affairs


20 May 2017 
Some aides within this administration of Governor Ben Ayade are by their actions consciously and or unconsciously digging the political grave of this administration.
Every government should be proactive rather than reactionary and it is the role of wise aides to advice and implement policy direction of government no matter what.We should be able to forsee the good and the bad before it happens and improve on or correct same.
We have a sect of those who thrive by baseless gossips, mundane rivalry/factionalizations, childish outbursts, mundane sycophancy and senseless hypocrisy. They carry out act for selfish reasons and preempt the thoughts of the boss and act to please him but further kill his goodwill before the populace.
He the Governor is innocent off their actions.What has happened to common sense? We have those who have fragmented the government and have kept certain information within their circle and plan for the political extermination of those not in their circle.
We have those who blatantly condemn the Governor at pubs, family gatherings and sing all hail the king when before him.We have those who are constrained to act and those who are opportune to act and advice but withhold the truth.
Cross River State pray for your Governor cos those of us with sincere love for him and who attempt to salvage the situation have been blacklisted and blackmailed into been seen as an enemy. Let no one deceive anyone the battle of life is both spiritual and physical.
But sincerely as a member of a crew aboard a boat will you applaud your captain when you see him sailing into a waterfall? No ofcourse!
My passion for the success of this administration and by God's grace role for her emergence is an open fact.Having built and been a believer I won't sit back and watch things fall apart. 
The earlier we know that certain actions are unnecessary and uncalled for and that in governance certain basics should be met while planning for the major the better it will be for our administration and state.
God bless Cross River State
God bless Senator Prof Ben Ayade
Prince Michael Nku Abuo
Director General 
Cross River State Political Network