The Enlightenment separated Religion from State, C/Riverian lashes Buhari’s Mosque appearance


Efio-Ita Nyok|7 May 2017 
A Nigerian bank staff has taken a swipe at the trend of the incumbent Executive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria choosing to appear at Friday Juma'at Mosque prayer rather than attend and preside over Federal Executive Council meetings, Worker's Day as it were. 
Patrick Akongwale aired his mind recently via his Facebook page, in a four paragraph thread where he expressed his disappointment at the trend of President Muhammadu Buhari placing priority on his religion over his official duties as President. Akongwale was referring to the now routine absenteeism Buhari is noted for at both his office and FEC meetings but appearing at Friday Juma'at Mosque prayers. 
For Akongwale, religion is distinguished from the state especially by the American founders of democracy. Hear him out, 
'How do you tell someone that doesn't understand that religion is private matter in democratic setup, that the President showing up in a Mosque on Friday is not part of his constitutional mandate from Nigerians?
'The Enlightenment Movement that ushered Democracy in Europe and influenced America's founding fathers tried as much as possible to separate the State from Religion. 
'Centuries Later, A President's Appearance in Church/Mosque is more important than showing up on Labour's Day, Attending FEC Meetings etc. We downplay the latter as they are no longer part of the duties of a President in Nigeria.
'Now, we know why we are here…'
Do you think Akongwale makes an unassailable point here? Is Mr President more keen in tending to his religious concerns than his official responsibilities? 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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