YOUTH-VOLUTION: France is yet to break Nig’s record of ‘young president’, New York-based Nigerian


Efio-Ita Nyok|9 May 2017 
On Sunday 7th May, Mr Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France at age 39. This has sparked off debates across the world especially Nigeria. 
New York-based Nigerian, Mr Peter Offem Ubi, has opined that, despite the fact that Nigeria wasn't a democracy then we had produced much younger Presidents. In fact, he said he couldn't understand the frenzy ongoing in Nigeria at the news of Mr Macron's election. He has observed that corruption is the reason for restraining present Nigerian youths' motivation for leadership Excerpt:
'I don't still understand this excitement by some Nigerians over Emmanuel Macron elected President of France @ 39 years of age. 
'Though we weren't in democracy when Nigeria produced many Head of States younger than Emmanuel Macron, citizens like General Yakubu Gowon @32 years in 29 July 1966; General Murtala Ramat Mohammed so loved by Nigerians of his generation @36 on 29 July 1975, and famous OBJ -General Olusegun Obasanjo @ 37 years on 13 February 1976. And we still have those who fell under 45 years of age.
'The problem isn't the age or capacity, the problem is corruption has kept many who came in at young age to remain without leaving the stable. They have become so so in love with the national cake that they find it difficult to build a new set of generational leadership. 
'Today some praise these individuals at the expense of anything good for our collective interest. With the vision of Murtala, where could we have been if not for early death by coup?
'We should use the youthful energy to practice true democracy in Nigerian, I am sure we can get back to electing young citizens if that is our problem today …I just think that isn't and shouldn't be an issue – so no point referencing the French, we had done it years before them. We only need get our act back together as a people. Those who don't know history just will never know Nigeria had produce young and old capable individuals', he concluded. 

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