Navy/Police Calabar Fiasco: military top echelon supervised destruction, resident insist|THROWBACK


Efio-Ita Nyok|2 June 2017 
On Tuesday 30th May, personnel of the Nigerian Navy and Nigerian Police engaged in what may be referred to as crass irresponsibility their part. 
Two policemen, CPL. Davies Adudu popularly called Odudu and Sgt. Emmanuel Mbang, lost their lives and there's wanton destruction of property. One Patrick  Akongwale, a Nigerian has expressed his opinion on the regrettable fiasco. He ultimately blames the Navy describing them as a cancer in the country. 
Akongwale : The head of the Eastern Naval Command (Headquartered in Calabar) & The Head Of NNS Victory Supervised destruction of Public infrastructures in Calabar Metropolis last night. Traffic Warden spots were all destroyed, the one @IBB By stadium that is maintained by Annan Community was not spare because the illiterate boys from Navy barracks can't read to understand that most of these Traffic Warden Kiosks are donated by private organisations as part of CSR and don't belong to the Nigerian Police force.
The Nigerian military remains the biggest cancer that this country is keeping. Nobody is ready to tell them that even in ancient Rome(Foundation of Modern Democracy) the military guys seed respect to the Preatorian Guards (Modern Day Police) and take back their place as civilians once inside the City Walls.
I don't want to hear details before taking position because I am a victim. Last year in a Ogoja, a military guys asked me to kneel down on Mission Road because my Knapsack brushed him off, I asked myself that an Obanliku man and a Northern Cross Riverian being asked to kneel down in the "spiritual capital" of Northern Cross River. The idiot didn't know that I was raised by a military man and defecated on that uniform as a child, didn't know that my twin Sister is married to an officer. The guys insisted that I must follow them to Ogoja barracks, I obliged immediately and he became surprised.  
People gathered and begged me to apologise, I wasn't gonna issue one. A man out to humiliate me deserves no apology. He became scared, for me It was a personal thing; if a young and educated person like me allow these miscreants have their day; what was going to be the fate of the poor masses in Ogoja and environs? 
He left after some minutes not before warning me; "remember that whatever you are or the person you know won't be around when I want to hurt you". I got these dark words from a man that doesn't know that I pay #33,199 as tax every months and my tax is part of the defense budget. 
Yesterday, rounds of ammunition were wasted for over 6 hours by both sides, that is tax payers money used to fight turf wars by men that aprtre suppose to protect us. 
Calabar housed four major police and navy institutions:
1. The Eastern Naval command
2. NNS Victory
3. Zone 6 Police Headquarters 
4. Commissioner Of Police and his team. 
That these four couldn't get a compromise within an hour or two tells you that the men at the top of these agencies gave a tacit support to this shameful mayhem hiding behind some form of Plausible Denial. After all, Obasenjo had Fela Mother killed and the return verdict was that it was unknown soldiers that carried out the operation; the Murtala Mohamad Road that I am writing this piece from is named after a man that supervised the killing of innocent civilians in Asaba during the Nigerian Civil War.
Am sure, the average guy in the Nigerian Military Barrack understand the country better than me; there can do anything and get away with it, reason why they are rules for them and another set for the rest of us.'
Akongwale is really indicting. What do you think? 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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