Thinking C’River Series: On Presidential Visits: New Vistas of Opportunities —By Joseph Odok


Joseph Odok|3 June 2017  
The visit of the Acting President to Cross River State is no doubt a great opportunity for the resuscitation of Cross River State. To say non the less, the visit got me into shame that a visitor thinks Cross River State more than most of us citizens of Cross River State. 
No doubt the history of leadership in Cross River State speaks the story of selfish politicians mostly foisted on us as a result of bad selection process and the greed of opportunistic sycophants; the visit of the Acting President is a great opportunity that can turn the present leadership into a shinning star (especially if it keys into the vision the Cross River State Government sold to the Acting President on his recent visit to the State) Doing the talking is the sole ineptitude of the present administration. 
A chronicling of events and a retrospective look at history seems to tell  the story that strangers that serve in Cross River State love and develop her more than her own sons and daughters. Sustainable Developmental strides in the state according to historical data seems to tell the story that the flowering of Cross River State is a result of the genius of strangers with deep interest in the State. 
Cross River State was a number one state only when it was managed by strangers and plundered and bastardized when her sons and daughters took over the leadership. To be modest to our revered elders who have had opportunities at various levels of leadership in Cross River State, leadership by sons and daughters of the state appear to define our politicians as people with so little a spirit of altruism in leadership; especially if leadership is to be defined under the cloak of accountability and service to the people. This is an issue of urgent attention, where did our sons and daughters got it wrong? 
The Acting President is surely a deep person in touch with reality. He saw the opportunities deep in Cross River State, he met and interacted with our apparently utopian governor skilled in oratory and bought into the Ayade's dream.  Surely the governor of Cross River State is a genius with words but lacking in substance and implementation. His media hype and iconoclastic oratory buys (the most innocent and gullible heart) into the illusion that Cross River State economy is safe under the present administration.
The present government is surely the best in project conception. The conception of Ideas like Super High Way,  Deep Sea Port, Pharmaceutical company, Garment factory, planting of millions of trees, the dualization of Northern roads, the many agricultural and Minerals exploration MoUs are the best thought out idea showing superlative intelligence. This in no way mean that intelligence equates wisdom. I have been quite intelligent but very unwise in some of my previous actions, may God bring a rebirth and more wisdom in my days off rejuvenation.
The spirit of the visit of the President will not let me dwell on negativity but be positive, be that as it may, there are reasons not to believe the present government. A look at project execution of all it's  lofty goals  tells more of a story of one guided by a primitive spirit of wealth acquisitions than a government that is genuinely interested in changing the fortunes of the State. 
May God be our saving grace. 
Joseph Odok 
Social Change Agent