TRENDING: LendNG, online rental and borrowing platform hits C/River cyberspace

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Efio-Ita Nyok|13 June 2017 
An online tech product that creates the connect for a renter of a property(ies) with an anticipated borrower did hit Cross River cyberspace recently and virtually everybody is wowed by its potential NegroidHaven has gathered. This publication is about sampling the various expressed perspectives that opinion leaders in Cross River have had about the product. 
It’s simply called, that is, ‘Lend Nigeria’. It’s an indigenous innovation by a group of tech-savvy young Nigerians who have decided to make a difference in the tech industry in Nigeria nay Africa and the world by extension. It resembles such platforms like OLX and Jiji. 
Simon Utsu 
When I went through, the first thing I looked out for was it’s mission statement and vision —they were both very unique, impressive and futuristic.

I further navigated the site and was even more impressed with the high level of technical input made by the site creator and designer(s). 

Going by the above observation, pretty much reminds me of

Wonga is the British lending company that revolutionised online lending and became a world leader in that sector around 2010 when they came up with new strategies that made them become the premium online destination for short loan seekers. This sudden mass appeal was made possible due to the concept and strategy that they brought to the table. has come in with a similar style, though they’re into full-fledged e-commerce and NOT money lending. The proprietor Efio-Ita Nyok (including his colleagues) is a man of proven integrity and a very hardworking and versatile entrepreneur. I see the online revolution that happened in Europe repeating itself with has come to stay. 

Ekeng Inyang 
The initiative by Efio-Ita Nyok and his brainy colleagues is really recommended.

A site you can rent or buy and also sell anything you want within and outside Cross River State.

I call it Calabar Ebay. 
Comfort Onyaga Ogon
Way to go! Let’s lend and rent @ 

In the face of the present harsh economic realities that up until now mystifies Nigerians and the concomitant dash hopes for the promising change that suddenly turned against the tides of hopes, young Nigerians like Efio-Ita Nyok keep pushing through as he ceased the opportunity to launch a platform that not only meets the needs of the people by giving them a plethora of options to rent items such as furniture, kitchen wares, gadgets, automobiles, etc. but gives you and me the platform to rent out our properties as well. 

What are you waiting for? Kindly visit and see for yourself how you can take advantage of this platform to either rent items you are not able to own due to financial constraints or make money from the comfort of your bedroom by renting out your gadgets, furniture, and other household utensils rather than have them depreciate. You too can make some cool cash you know!

Joseph Odok 
Social Change Agent
One of my student that have not let me in doubt of his ingenuity, creativity and integrity is Efio-Ita Nyok. I was so elated when he and his colleagues came up with a new initiative —a new business initiative for renting and borrowing. I feel so elated by this ingenuity and urge friends and followers to key into the business, more so because of how the young Nyok has defined himself as one to be trusted. is a platform that allows for anyone to rent anything at anytime at affordable prices. 

It also helps professional lenders or any other person to rent their property to anticipated ‘lendees’, by creating an account and uploading properties. 

LendNG is the new way to buy. Why buy when you may not need it again? Why buy when you may end up using at long intervals say six months? Why continue servicing a property when you hardly use it? Why not just rent it? 

In, both the professional rental company and the ordinary individual who has rentable properties can make money. LendNG is a demonstration of the authenticity in the trending movement referred to as the Sharing Economy. 

to stay!
Edward Ntebri Egbelo 
My friend Efio-Ita Nyok just innovated a better version of Konga and Jumia! The guy is good but he likes arguing politics with me. 

Please get all your stuffs here. And oh….you can also rent! Economic recession no affect this business o!!!
Didi Etta 
One of our very own Efio-Ita Nyok has this to offer and for me it’s incredible. 

Lend what ever you want right here and the good news is…. for very affordable rates. Support our own. 

If Na oyibo bring this one now una for don dey rush… Oya make we rush this one o!

Well-done my dear friend Efio Ita Nyok. More grease.
Frankie Ifop 
I’ve soared the Internet and try to know the communications between users, especially trading, but only few interrelationships were drawn… Until I came across Lend.Ng, a growing market that suits every interests.

Most times, I’ve been faced with carrying out a task where I don’t have the necessary tools, and you know what? I lost it all out, when trying to get to a shop to rent the needed tools. What I mean is that, the job was given to someone with the available materials. Aw! That really hurts, for a job of 150k was drawn away like that, just because of a tool. I kept beating my boots, and over the time, I’d have to buy equipments I don’t actually need after a first use.

Sometime ago, I needed to show my tourist friends around Calabar but how did I end up that day; paying more than 50k for a cab we had to push sometimes along the way. I hid my head in shame that day, upon the hyping I gave to my city – I vowed to get a car soon, but would that stop my business? Nope, I still have to hang in there until all is finally settled.

If there was a vibrant online market like LendNg, that experience couldn’t had occurred and the lost could’ve been accrued for something big.

With LendNG, you can hire your wedding wears, a car, truck, electronic, media equipment like camera, lamp, etc. Others including tent for events, jewelries, bicycles, sporting equipments, mobile and computer gadgets, and lots more.

I would’ve said, LendNg, why coming this later, but it’s better late than never.

Try Lend.Ng today, your number 1 store for buying and lending. You can shop/lend anywhere you are in Nigeria. You’d love it! I bet you to try it! 
Ambo, Ekpenyong 
Director General, De-Mandate Advocate
Wow LendNG is a very spontaneous market place.

I was so elated when Efio-Ita Nyok and his colleagues came out with a new initiative a new business initiative for renting and borrowing. I feel so glad by this simple act of thinking business and urge all to key into the business, more so because of how is a platform that allows for anyone to rent anything at anytime at affordable prices. 

LendNG is the new marketing tool for progressive buyers and lenders to do trade in a more conducive and trust worthy environment without so much epioms.
It’s commonly said that seeing is believing. Why not visit and see things for yourself. Begin with creating a user account and upload that textbook and see if you won’t make money off it. Give that try! 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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