2019: Awan Ayang declares for Senate… Read details here

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Mr Awan Ayang 
Nyok|16 September 2018

Mr Awan Ayang has indicated his interest to run for the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to represent Cross River State Central Senatorial District on the political party, National Conscience Party (NPC) NegroidHaven has confirmed. 
The graduate of History and International Relations from the prestigious University of Calabar, who hails from Ikom LGA made this known in Calabar, Sunday where he said he is giving, by his aspiration, the constituents in the six LGAs of Cross River Central including Abi, Yakurr, Obubra, Ikom, Etung and Boki ‘a reason to believe’. 
According to Ayang, the Nigerian electorate has been docile enough to the self-styled, self acclaimed political elites who have been unfair and shortchanging against  them. 
The senatorial hopeful who disclosed that he is coming to demonstrate true democracy argued that he is coming to actualise a three-ponged agenda revolving around —infrastructural development, human capital development and economic development. 
His words, ‘Having been hijacked, the system has become intolerably unfair to us. Our self-styled elites have capitalized on our fear to challenge them and demand our right. Our patience has been mistaken for ignorance of those rights and our comfort in timidity is fast tending to docility. But we can do better. We deserve better.
‘We owe it to our fatherland to act and build a better system, not just for ourselves but especially for the future citizens – our unborn children. We cannot be passive observers anymore as the stakes have become too high. At this point I will like to borrow to words of Pericles of ancient Greece who said “he who takes no interest in public affairs is not a harmless but a useless character.”
‘Indeed to be quiet when the system is being sacked is not modesty but incapacity. Guided by this creed, I have entered the race to serve my people at the Central Senatorial District as Senator. In that clime we have had our full share of maladministration. I call it a full share because we will bear it no more. We will bear no more because I can see a seismic shift which will bring a generational switch. 
‘My generation will bring a better deal and now, taking up this torch to light up our future, I Awan Ayang hereby declares my willingness to bear the flag of the National Conscience Party and enter the race to represent the Central Senatorial District of Cross River State at the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.’
Ayang has secured his Expression of Interest and Nomination forms already and will be making a public declaration of interest soon. 

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