Bullem’s Withdrawal: Wabilly Nyiam’s senatorial bids consolidated… Read details here

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L-R: Wabilly Nyiam and Francis Bullem
Nyok|13 September 2018

Mr Wabilly Nyiam’s senatorial bids to represent Cross River North at the National Assembly in the forthcoming 2019 general elections has been consolidated by the withdrawal from the race of a strong contender in Bullem NegroidHaven can report.
This is occasioned by the tactful withdrawal from the race by Chief Francis Bullem, a stronger contender for the Red Chamber. Interestingly, both are from the same village, Idum-Mbube in Ogoja. That is to say, with Nyiam, the only opponent will be Sugarland boss, Chief Ray U. Morphy: 
So appreciative was Nyiam that he wrote a long piece reeling the prospects of such a move by Bullem which he describes as mature and purposeful: 
His words reads in part, ‘My dear people, let me thank you all for your constant love and support and especially to my dear brother, childhood friend and former contender in the Cross River North senatorial race, Chief Francis Bullem Phd, for his political maturity and deep sense of purpose that APC must win the Northern senatorial elections in 2019. 
‘I received the news of Chief Bullem’s withdrawal with regret and mixed feelings, considering the facts that, like in the game of football, when you practise with skilled and experienced players, it brings out your best skills and talent. More so, this dampens the fervour of democratic electioneering which is spiced by contest. 
‘However, I commend The decision of Chief Bullem’s withdrawing from the senatorial race. It has further shown and proven that we were running the race as brothers and as a party, we are one. 
‘Let me use this medium to thank all his supporters for their commitment to him and for upholding to our party’s tenets of good sportsmanship, peace, love and unity. I enjoin them to imbibe his spirit of maturity also.
‘The party is supreme and every true lover of the APC must have it in mind that the APC has a way of settling its crisis and to this date, there is no faction in the party, whether in the chapters or the state. What we seek for right now is to advance the frontiers of democracy by speaking loud and clear with one big voice and  marching to the elections as a formidable and cohesive party with the only objective of coasting to victory.’
It seems to me that if the APC in Cross River State puts forward only a candidate against PDP’s Rose Oko, the winning will be theirs? Who will withdraw next in APC Chief Morphy or Mr Nyiam? Only time will tell. 
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