Davido, Solidarity & the Close-knitness of the extended Adeleke Family —by Simon Utsu

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25 September 2018 
What Davido did(and has been doing) for his Uncle should be used as a case study!
His loyalty to his uncle didn’t just start today. Senator Adeleke has two sons who like Davido, are also musicians – Sina Rambo and B-Red. Both came to prominence through Davido. I remember the very first song Sina Rambo appeared in that made it to the charts circa 2012 was titled “Overseas” and budding rookie(of that moment), Davido, featured him in it. Davido literarily gave him a face in the Nigerian music industry via that feature! Sina Rambo cut short his foray in the music industry shortly afterwards to concentrate on other things and his brother, B-Red became Davido’s sidekick. 
For over five years, Davido was unrelenting in making sure his lesser talented cousin(B-Red) blew -hardly did Davido shoot any music video without Bred appearing in it -apparently to keep him in our consciousnesses. B-Red finally blew last year and has about four hit singles under his belt! I developed so much respect for Davido after that feat – I don’t know if I would have been that patient. 
So Davidos ‘antics’ of the last few days didn’t come as a surprise to me. Davido risked his career(flouting NYSC rules to campaign) and reputation(cancelling fully booked shows overseas) just to support his Uncle’s political ambition. And you can’t tell me it’s because of his uncle’s material possessions -Davido’s Dad has always been the wealthiest amongst his siblings. 
I can only but marvel at Davido’s show of solidarity and the close-knitness of the extended Adeleke family… it’s so rare in our clime! 
I see Davido going on to become Senator and governor one day!
Simon Utsu is a social commentator