MICHENO: Am not on the run, am not hiding, my phones have been on —MC Mbakara

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MC Mbakara(R)
Nyok|24 September 2018 
The Vice President, brand Ambassador of Micheno Multipurpose Cooperative Society, as well as the CEO of MW Events, Mr Aya Mbakara popularly called MC Mbakara has denied any serious financial involvement in the now fraudulent money doubler scam —Micheno, NegroidHaven can report authoritatively. 

MC Mbakara made this known yesterday via his social media account where he amongst other things wished himself a happy birthday. According to MC Mbakara who narrated his role in the wonder bank adventure, he was responsible for the advertising and promoting of Swiss Golden network in Calabar, Cross River of the which the President was Mr Michael Eke. 

He added that he has never been involved in the financial management of the multi purpose cooperative society. He said that he has been accused wrongly. 

His words reads in part, ‘I like to state My Role in Micheno Multipurpose Cooperative Society……(sic) 

‘I started running paid advert for Michael Eke in August 2017 on my social media platforms, promoting Swissgolden Network. Which he had been running for some months before I was contracted.
‘I became a subscriber in September 2017, then I was used as an ambassador and Mc for all marketing material and seminars.
‘The network grew in strength and numbers, from Swissgolden Wariors, to Micheno Venture and in March 2018 to Micheno Multipurpose Cooperative Society. 
‘In all of this transition, up until date, I have never played any role in the financial management of the company. I am not a signatory to her accounts and have maintained my role  in advertising even after being appointed as a nominal Vice President.
‘I have been accused of so many things am not aware of and read so much about me in recent times. In all I have decided to remain calm. 
MC Mbakara categorically stated that he’s not in the run, according to him, ‘Am not on the run, am not hiding, my phones have been on, and am very available.’ 
Incidentally, while MC Mbakara is denying to be on the run because of the crash of the money doubler scam, he canceled his show slated for Sunday 23 September stating clearly that it was because of the crash of Micheno. He had even collected monies for the cancelled show!
One Glory Chuks observed thus: ‘Since you aren’t involved in d financial aspects of micheno then why do u.stop ypur event. Be bold to do it n u are bold to publicly denounce micheno.  God is watching.’  On his part, one Victor ‘Vidrumz’ Peters has said, ‘Glory Chuks ask him o. My whole family wanted to come and watch. He collected money from people for the event yet he canceled it. Isn’t that fraud? Do you call hat financial management?’ 
According to a report thousands of Cross Riverians have lost about N27 billion to the top the financial fraudulent activities of the network racket, even as five investors have lost their lives following inability to cope with their losses. It added that the depositors with Micheno Multipurpose Cooperative Society (MMCS) operating from Calabar, Cross River State, started counting their losses, after it was discovered that the president of the Cooperative Society, Mt Michael Eke, had made away with billions of naira belonging to investors.

I am confused as to what being on the run means. Again, didn’t Mbakara know that he wouldn’t hold the show? If he knew, why did he collect money only to cancel it? Why? Again, was it fair for him to mark his birthday in the light of the frenzy caused by the scam he advertised/promoted especially when he’s her Vice president?

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