My Thoughts on the APC Gubernatorial Aspirants in Cross River State —by Simon Utsu

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15 September 2018 
John Owan-Enoh (top left), Usani Uguru Usani (down left), Eyo Etim Nyong (top right), John Odey (below NyoNyo) and Edem Duke (down left) 

1) John Owan-Enoh
He’s by far the most daring candidate. They claim he has the financial war chest and can match the PDP’s candidate Naira for Naira. His major stumbling block will be the almost sacrosanct power rotation agreement that has existed in the state for close to two decades. I also feel he doesn’t have enough support from the bigwigs in the state’s APC set up and this could also prove to be a determining factor.
2) John Upah Odey:
This easy going gentleman is the youngest aspirant and should have ordinarily, been the rallying point of the youth but his “leadershift” campaign has lacked the much expected vibrancy that has led to rumors springing up in some quarters that he’s a stooge of Ayade, planted as a mole in the APC. 
3) Usani Uguru Usani:
Hahaha. I laugh whenever I remember that the incumbent Niger Delta affairs minister is also in the running. Only one or two people seem to be campaigning for him with one of them often running 🏃 from Ogoja to Calabar and here on facebook gathering even the mad and insane people he sees and giving them placards with inscriptions such as “Insanitize Cross River” abi “Usanitize cross river”. 
4) Edem Duke:
Unlike in Usani’s case, I don’t laugh when I remember high Chief Edem Duke is in the race, rather, I feel pity with a tear trickling down my eyes. This is not normal; I think he’s under the control of some terrestrial forces that have vowed not to rest until they make a wretch out of him. If not, how can one sell his last standing major asset(that we know of) for 150 million Naira as we heard and immediately go ahead to squander the money 💰 on an impossible cause? I remember last year, someone drew my attention to a YouTube video were some top Efik chiefs were by the riverside performing some traditional rites. In that video, the gods were invoked on Edem Duke and curses were laid- I really don’t know what he did to warrant that because it wasn’t explained in the video but maybe, just maybe this latest move by the high chief could be the manifestation. Just take a good look 👀 at the attached pix of him holding a long broom and smiling enchantedly even as he stares into space; he looks tranced if you ask me.
5) Professor Chief Eyo Etim Nyong:
I’ve not heard much about his campaign of late but it seems the majority of the state’s APC establishment bigwigs are predisposed to his candidature. I don’t have enough data on him to know if he’ll make a great administrator.
In the end, the primaries are but just some days away…. lets just wait and see how things pan out.

Utsu is a social commentator