OPINION: DC Enahme & the Story of one of the greatest Betrayals ever —by Simon Utsu

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Simon Utsu|17 September 2018 

Last week, allegations made by one Barrister DC Enahme, a former Chief of Staff to a former Deputy Governor of Cross River state and a 2019 National Assembly aspirant, made their way to the local media. In a desperate bid to shore up his no-longer-existing popularity and also garner public sympathy, Mr DonClaimz has been going around town claiming the incumbent Federal Rep whose position he’s eyeing, spiked his drink with some poisonous substance a couple of years ago. Ordinarily, I would have minded my business but knowing my Federal Rep to be a peace loving person and one who specializes in shying away from trouble and confrontations, I felt he was being blackmailed unnecessarily hence, I decided to dig deeper and confirmed the accuser DonClaimz(DC) to be a habitual false-accuser whose penchant for crying wolf is second to none and whose legacy as a betrayer is almost unerasable! 

DC in the past has accused former Rep Paul Adah of being after his life. He also accused former Governor Duke likewise. I also see him as an attention seeker. Exactly a week ago, a friend told me how he saw DC strolling along Marian road in Calabar and talking loudly on phone as he made his way to a new generation bank’s cash dispensing machine. My friend told me DC was busy screaming on phone(to the person at the other end) that the people of Obudu, Bekwarra and Obanliku were begging him to run as they were tired of the incumbent Federal Rep and that was the reason why he was after his life. He also boasted to the person at the other end that he decided to walk out of his house so people would see him and know he isn’t afraid of anybody. If that isn’t delusion of grandeur and/or a stage of schizophrenia, what then is it?

On to the story of his betrayal. Many Cross Riverians are not aware of the intrigues and shenanigans that played out in 1998, prior to the emergence of Donald Duke as the governor-elect of Cross River state. Very few have heard the cringe-worthy details of the role DC played back then —in denying his senior Bekwarra brother, Kanu Godwin Agabi(SAN), the mandate. Few will argue with me if I say Kanu Agabi is amongst the best three lawyers of his generation and will easily be counted amongst the top ten greatest lawyers in Nigeria’s history! I can spend five minutes listing Senior Advocates who were mentored by Kanu Agabi. His “trinity house” in the Mabushi area of Abuja has housed thousands of lawyers for free —hundreds of such lawyers are now renowned both locally and globally. Do you know the late John Okpa was Kanu Agabi’s campaign manager in 1998? And that Donald Duke was no match (on the field) Kanu Agabi who defeated him(Donald Duke) in the primaries? Well, Kanu Agabi may have been the colossus between the two of them back then, but Donald Duke was a big dreaming, street savvy Lagos returnee with some top backers and he wasn’t going to give up just like that! The governorship primaries results were announced in favour of Kanu Agabi by the party’s returning officer(Alhaji Haruna Abubakar off blessed memory) in Calabar but according to legend, Duke struck a deal with Kanu’s campaign manager, John Okpa, to become his deputy and in return, some hatchet job would be done against Kanu Agabi, to deny him his mandate —this could only be achieved if they had access to some of Kanu Agabi’s confidential documentation. DonClaimz was the only one privy to this piece of documentation as we heard and he was the one who was also used to mutilate the original result sheet after providing the needed document —a new result sheet was then written in favor of Donald Duke. That was how Kanu Agabi was announced winner in Calabar and went to celebrate by playing a game of tennis only for him to hear that Duke had been announced winner by the PDP in Abuja! When Kanu investigated and found out how the hatchet job was done, he pointed accusing fingers at DC who didn’t deny! DonClaimz was later rewarded with the position of the Chief of Staff to deputy governor but since his former boss’s death, the political terrain has been all but rosy for him! This betrayal from Barrister DonClaimz, is amongst the biggest betrayals Bekwarra nation and northern Cross River(old Ogoja) has suffered in its history! Due to Barrister DC’s selfishness, Northern CR was denied its best chance yet of the governorship seat. 

Most of the players in this episode are still alive and can attest to this graphic account! On a number of occasions in the past during open confrontations, Donald Duke reminded DonClaimz of his role back in 1998 and referred to him as a betrayer of his people! DC should have been declared persona non grata by the Bekwarra people and northern Cross River by extension but we left everything to the providence which is paying him back in his own coin. 

So instead of DC trying to pull down another highflying Bekwarra son in the person of Representative Legor Idagbo, he should come out before Bekwarra nation and plead for forgiveness for his role in 1998. When he does that, he’ll be freed of his demons and his hallucinations will come to an end.

Utsu is a social commentator