Utsu disses FBI over Davido’s NYSC euphoria… Read details here

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Nyok|1 September 2018 
Social commentator Mr Simon Utsu may have been dissing fellow public affairs analyst Mr Firsts Baba Isa (FBI) when the latter commented on the frenzy caused by musician Adeleke 'Davido' David's admittance into the compulsory National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC) recently this week in Lagos NegroidHaven can report. 
Utsu may have been referring to Isa's comments on the development when he dubbed the paragraph as 'funny'. According to Utsu, 'I even read someone comparing (and contrasting) Davido’s loud reception at the NYSC camp to Prince Harry’s ‘quiet’ and ‘humble’ service with the British Royal Air-Force some years back. It was quite funny reading that piece.'  He made the remark in a thread titled, STRANGE COMPARISONS; MUCH ADO ABOUT DAVIDO’S NATIONAL SERVICE. 
Isa made a remark to the effect that there's injustice, ugliness, foolishness, etc characterises the Nigerian entity. 
His words, 'So much about our country in one picture… Our strength, our weakness, our hustle, our laziness, our laughter, our pains, our justice, our injustice, our gain, our loss, our development, our underdevelopment, our wealth, our poverty, our beauty, our ugliness, our intelligence, our foolishness…All wrapped in one picture. Selah. 
'This is Williams, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, and heir to the throne of Great Britain, training with fellow cadets. 
I think Davido is richer and more famous than he is or else the officials are "stupid" for allowing the Prince to train. He should be given a mic, a special platform and freedom to go around high5-ing fellow cadets. Abi?'
Utsu's full comments goes thus: 'In the last couple of days, so much furor has been generated over superstar musician, Davido’s reception and antics at the Lagos NYSC camp with quite a number saying the attention he’s getting and the publicity are over the board and unnecessary. What were they expecting? He’s is a superstar and a dragon energy (apologies Kanye West) one for that matter. What is happening now is the only thing that could have happened considering the person involved and the aura he’s divinely bestowed with. 
'Using myself as an example for instance, anywhere I go to, no matter how anonymous or private I vow to be, within weeks, I become the to-go person for updates on political happenings. It comes naturally, I can’t help it no matter how much I try to. The reality is that the young man has written his name in the annals of Nigeria’s entertainment industry with his incredible achievements in the last decade or so- coming from his kind of background and building a fan base across wealth divides; he deserves whatever ovation or attention he is getting. Asides from having millions of well to do fans, Davido also has millions of fans in the ghetto. 
'You’ll appreciate this incredibility when you put it into perspective thus: imagine someone born into third generation affluence like say a Donald Trump Jnr, doing music accepted by those in US ghettos like Compton, Brooklyn, Queens etc; connecting with people across wealth barriers via the content of his music. That is what Davido has been able to achieve and he has done it better than a Wizkid who grew up in the slums of Lagos. 
'I even read someone comparing (and contrasting) Davido’s loud reception at the NYSC camp to Prince Harry’s ‘quiet’ and ‘humble’ service with the British Royal Air-Force some years back. It was quite funny reading that piece
'For starters, every one born into the British Royal family has to be conscripted into the British military at some point in his/her life( I stand to be corrected) and whatever service he/she renders is more or less a formality and is done amidst a lot of  media coverage and hype to boost the image of the Royal family. Those who get carried away by the immaculate pictures of a Prince Harry or Prince Charles doning military regalia should also know that unlike Davido’s NYSC, the royal family’s military service often comes at a high cost and the British taxpayers bear the brunt. The British secret service alone would spend so much (to deploy technology and logistics) to make sure a royal serving on a mission abroad for instance, doesn’t come to any harm. 
'I remember around 2010 or so when Prince Harry served briefly on a royal air-force mission in Afghanistan 🇦🇫, it was supposed to be a covert mission but when British intelligence gathered that there was a leak as to his whereabouts, he was quickly flown out of Afghanistan back to Britain. 
'In essence, people should stop making comparisons and let superstar musician Davido be- he should be allowed to enjoy his NYSC and people should allow his fellow corpers, NYSC officials and camp military personnel celebrate him as much as they want! Why then is he a superstar?'

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