Why I paid a visit to the secretariat of the APC last weekend —High Chief Edem Duke.. Read details here

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High Chief Edem Duke wielding a colourful APC broom 
Nyok|11 September 2018 
A gubernatorial aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Cross River State, High Chief Edem Duke, has shed light into why he paid a visit to the state secretariat of the APC in Calabar, Cross River State NegroidHaven can report. 
He did this on Friday where he disclosed that the visit was to formally present his declaration to the State Executive Council (SEC). 
According to him, ‘The visit to the state secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Cross River State today was to formally present my declaration to the state executive council of the APC in the State. 
‘This is procedural, this is appropriate, this is traditional and is in consonance with the best democratic practices, that for every aspirants who desires to flag the flag of the party especially at the high level as the governorship election or primary as this case may be, it is important to intimate the most important organ of the party in the state. 
‘And so, I sought the approval of the state executive council to meet with the state working committee as well as the state executive council in order to share with them my aspiration, my vision and to invite them to join me in delineating the parameters of engagement and also to mobilise our membership to look put for certain important signals in the decision making that follows such a visitation. 
‘And it was a very robust engagement, it was very very engaging, and I wish to state that the warm sentiment expressed by the state executive council, their understanding of the vision that I try to enunciate, and their reflection of the past activities and achievements that I have been engaged in, were all things that resonated very positively. 
‘And so, I think the game is on, I think most party men at the leadership level of the party in the state better know, better understand and better appreciate the aspiration of High Chief Edem Duke.’ 
While addressing pressmen immediately after the visit, the guber aspirant fielded questions bordering on fear on his part, women inclusion in his anticipated administration, the direct primary adopted by the leadership of the APC, factions. 
For him, direct primary which gives everyone the opportunity to cast a vote and reflect their truer yearnings is a decision he is subscribed to. 
He argued that there is no faction in the APC in the State but differing interests. For him, ‘there are interests and these interests can be promoted or articulated in various ways. If however, I chose a wrong option in articulating my aspiration, then the electorates will be the one to respond’. 
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