Miss Africa 2018: They said my ‘bum bum wasn’t big enough’, fmr beauty queen, Victoria reveals

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Miss Victoria Ana, former Cross River Most Beautiful Girl 
Nyok|30 December 2018 
Former Cross River Most Beautiful Girl, Ms Victoria Ana, Friday on her social media handle slammed the just concluded Miss Africa 2018 Calabar pageantry revealing that she was denied participation on the reason that she does not have a big-enough buttocks NEGROIDHAVEN has learnt. She has predicted that a pageantry which hinges on ‘big bum bum’ as criterion will fade out. 
Ana added that the original name to the beauty pageantry, Carnival Calabar Queen, which holds during the yearly Carnival Calabar celebration should be left instead of the present Miss Africa 2018 Calabar. For her, the former best sells the state than the latter. 
The author further observed that the Miss Africa 2018 Calabar pageantry is literally dishing out monies to strangers despite innumerable human resources in the state. 

Her words, ‘I still think the name of that pageant should have been left at Carnival Calabar Queen. It sells Cross River state more


Kasinde in traditional attire 

Kasinde sitting on her thrown 

‘…And to keep giving millions to girls from outside when we have intelligent models that can put up a great show is disheartening.

‘Anyways what is my business, they said “my bum bum wasn’t big enough ” so let me go and write book……a pageant that selects girls based on the size of their bum is bound to fizzle out…’ 
But popular compere/stand up comedian, Elder Josiah has disagreed with Ana arguing that, ‘The bumbum i saw bouncing at the barbeque party yesterday, is not small Victoria Angel Ana Tell me something else’. 
Recall that the Miss Africa 2018 Calabar pageantry held on 28th December thus year and was won by Congo’s Dorcas Kasinde with First Runner Up being Miss Nigeria Chiamaka G. Nnaemeka and the Second Runner Up, Miss Zambia identified as Gladys Kayumba.

However, Ana hasn’t actually identified which individual or organisation defined ‘big bum bum’ as the criterion for her participation 

Efio-Ita Nyok is the blogger-in-chief, editor-in-chief & publisher of NEGROIDHAVEN