SANDY Vs ENOH FEUD: Owan-Enoh’s aide slams CENSA WW awards, says it lacks pedigree… Read details here

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L-R: Richie Romanus, Victor Egba, Modlin Odu and Emmanuel Obeten 
Nyok|3 December 2018
A media aide to Sen. John Owan-Enoh the lawmaker representing Cross River Central Senatorial District at the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the guber candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Cross River State, Mr Victor Egba has slammed the recently concluded Central Senatorial Students Association, CENSA WW awards as presented by her president Mr Emmanuel Obeten NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.
The daring aide said that CENSA WW awardees should have class and the process should hinge on parameters for selection. He has asked the recipients to return the awards. Both Romanus and Odu have insisted that they have class.
According to Egba: ‘I have spent over two weeks, pondering on what exactly motivated this Awards. What pedigree was ascertained, or what parameters were judged. You will almost not find any.
‘Our Union should not be at the mercies of halloween Awardees. Little wonder some social Media,  self acclaimed activist have assumed that they now have the locus standi to talk about true unionism.
‘I have no issue with giving awards, but awardees should have pedigrees, This one was actually more of a quid pro quo than an award of honour. The awardees should do the needful,  kindly return them. That’s the only path to honour they have left.’
While airing his perspective on his social media account, Egba particularly showcased two recipients to the now controversial awards, namely, Mr Richie Romanus and Ms Modlin Odu.
Mr Romanus an appointee of incumbent Governor of Cross River State while reacting to Egba’s remarks said Obubra indigenes are basically good at bringing down each other. His words reads in part, 
‘Do you know where the writer comes from? OBUBRA. You already know where I come from right? Same OBUBRA incase you may have forgotten. No ill feelings at all. You know why? Because this is what we are good at in Obubra. By any means, we bring each other down.
‘But you see the truth is, I am a destined Child. I have no doubt at all that in the very near future, I shall win more bigger awards. I am not one who go to market Square to announce the little things I do. For me, that should be between me and my God.’
Obviously infuriated Odu said that the aspersions casted at both of them stems from the argument that they are productive. Her words reads in part thus: ‘If we were not productive trees, he wouldn’t cast stones at us to climb the ladder of fame. I am not going to follow a pig to the mud. Not now, not ever.’
NEGROIDHAVEN further discovered that the said award ceremony that took place about a forthnight ago wasn’t done in pari parsu with his CENSA WW EXCO. Particularly, the Mr Ejie Peter said, apart from the President, no other EXCO member was neither informed nor invited to ceremony. In fact, when some heard, not from the president but other members of the Association, they called the president on phone to find out but he warned them not to get closer to the venue of the event.
As at press time, Obeten who has a vote of no confidence casted against him by his EXCO could not be reached for reactions.

Egba hasn’t actually delineated what he means by pedigree.
Could this exchange of words be the veiled war of disagreement over Obeten picking Dr Sandy Ojang Onor PDP Senate candidate for Central Senatorial District, Cross River State as the Grandpatron of CENSA WW against the practice of appointing the incumbent Senator representing the District at the NASS?
Is Egba the hand of Esau but the voice Jacob? Is this Owan-Enoh acting against Obeten using Egba as his perceived uncritical proxy?
Efio-Ita Nyok
Is the Blogger-in-Chief, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of NEGROIDHAVEN