US-based political pundit writes APC C/River an open letter over feud… Read details here

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Nyok|17 December 2018

Princewill Odidi a political pundit based in Atlanta, Georgia has written an open letter to the All Progressives Congress in Cross River State. In the 5-paragraphed letter, the political economist has told the feuding parties in the APC in the State to resolve their bickering and offer leadership to the teeming youths looking up to them for leadership.

He said they should compromise to fix their problems once and for all, get out of court especially considering the imminence of the guber elections next year.

He has also asked President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene, while describing Adams Oshiomhole the party leader as 'an interested party'.

Excerpt of the letter:

***Open letter to APC leadership ~ by Princewill Odidi

'I just read through the judgement that recognized Usani’s group and state Exco as authentic. While I congratulate him and his Exco, it is important that APC puts their house in order and resolve this matter (Governorship candidate) timely instead of moving from court to court appealing if the ruling was right or wrong.

'Be advised that it will also follow that every arrangements or meetings or agreements reached with the defunct EXCO and whatever outcomes thereof is null and void. I would suggest Mr President himself intervene in the matter since it is obvious Oshimole has made himself an “interested party” in the matter. 

'You cannot condemn or remove Ayade a sitting governor when you cannot put your house in order. You cannot legalize a secondary outcome from a faulty elementary initiative. Solve this thing now. Even though some deadlines have passed with INEC, we know the Courts can still order INEC to revisit the matter. That’s why we have a judiciary.

'In six to eight weeks we have state Governorship elections, this is no time to still be in court. Politics is all about compromise, let the key actors bury their pride, pull out of court, stand together even if they don’t love each other.

'For the benefit of our dear state, our people and these young people who look up to you for leadership, just swallow your individual pride, call for reconciliation and do the right thing.'

Is not Odidi making sense here? Can the APC in Cross River State beat the incumbent Gov Ben Ayade in the polls with their present infighting? Shouldn't the president intervene seeing the party leader is compromised already?

Efio-Ita Nyok
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