ALERT: Calabar traders fall prey to thieving charmers

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29 April 2019 
Theft in Calabar, Cross River State capital has assumed a new dimension as unidentified individuals suspected to be thieves are said to resort to the use of charms to steal from smale scale traders. 
A case in point is the Sunday account told by one Mrs Hannah Ufford a netizen on Cross River cyberspace. According to her, on Wednesday morning last week a chubby dude came to her stall requesting for packaged Titus fish. He brought out a N1, 000 note to which Mrs Ufford’s assistant did not have enough balance for after deduction for the product. He requested for a N500 note at the moment with the intention to come get his balance latter. 

This is another account of charm-aided thievery 

Mrs Ufford’s assistant, on getting back to her safe to ascertain the exact amount of money sold for the morning discovered nothing except a mysterious bolt of a belt. 
Her account reads on part, ‘Few days ago (Wednesday to be precise) around 8:30 in the morning, a young man (tall and chubby in nature) walked into my mini mart and ask of how much Titus is sold, which my girl told him the price and he brought out a thousand naira (which my girl told him the was no light change at the moment) he now requested that she should split the money into 500 two and she did, after he left without picking the item was when it dawn on my sales girl to arranged all the cash she had sold that morning, just to find the drawer empty with a black belt bolt inside, she was shocked and started crying, calling the attention of the neighbours until I went and made (sic) her in the scene. (and I started worshipping my God). 
‘Just yesterday day evening another young guy (well dressed) walk (sic) to a near by joint and duped a lady who sells drinks. This is wicked and barbaric, I’m still wandering how people will go this far by using so call jars (sic) to steal from others, I strongly believe in God, one day fate will run out of them if they don’t repent.’