Agba Jalingo: CRBC cameraman, photojournalist summoned by judge in Calabar

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2 December 2019

CALABAR —A cameraman from the State owned Cross River Broadcasting Corporation (CRBC), Mr. Leo Ashiebe has just been summoned by one of the Judges at the Federal High Court in Calabar.
Mr. Ashiebe was filming rushes before the Court sits when one of Judge’s police orderly, a sergeant called him from Court 2 where Justice Simon Amobeda sits and asked him to follow him.
This happened at 9:18AM
Meanwhile, we have learnt that another photojournalist, Patrick Obia has been summoned by the Judge into his chambers.
Mr. Patrick took photographs of Mr. Agba Jalingo’s arrival in Court at about 9:22AM.
He proceeded to take some images in the Courtroom (Court 2) where Justice Simon Amobeda sits. 
Again, the Police sergeant, an orderly to one of the two Judges sitting in the Calabar division of the Federal High Court called him at 9:29AM into the Judge’s chambers.