American Politics —by Princewill Odidi

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21 December 2019 
To those who are interested in American Politics, let’s talk politics. That Trump has been impeached by the US house of Reps is no more news, that Nancy Pelosi has delayed the transmittal of the articles of impeachment to the Senate for eventual trial is no more news, but to students of politics, the real game changer just happened this evening, the editorial board of a popular Christian Evangelical news magazine founded by Tele Evangelist Rev Billy Graham has just called on the removal of President Trump. If anything would shake Trump then this is it. 
To those who understand American Politics this is the breaking news. Christian Evangelicals are usually the voting block that delivers Republican Party. Just as in the past week you saw virtually all Republicans standing with Trump, if the Evangelicals support the removal from office of the President, the talking points of Republican congressmen will change 360. 
Automatically all those Senators who are saying Trump did no wrong will change tone after the holidays because the evangelicals vote is what keeps them in office. 
If President Trump ever needs prayer, it is now, because if more evangelicals call for his removal then he will not even scale through the  Presidential primaries and if he does he will barely make it. 
To Students of history, if you remember Nixon’s impeachment in early 1970s, he stepped down and resigned after Rev Billy Graham turned his back on him and called for his resignation. So history has just repeated itself, The editorial opinion this evening from Billy Graham’s paper just called for removal from office of Mr Trump. 
For most Christian evangelicals, they voted Trump in large numbers because they wanted him to appoint Court Judges that will undo the radical liberal agendas of Obama which included gay rights, same Sex Marraige’s and pro abortion legislation. Trump kept the promise by appointing those judges, it is obvious they are done with him. I think they really don’t need him again. 
Now, will Trump survive the removal from office? American politics in itself is an institution too complex to decipher. After the Christmas recess, any thing can happen. I mean any thing can happen. That’s the power of democracy.
Princewill Odidi writes from Atlanta, US.