CRSHA overrun with debris, couldn’t sit on 5th November for lack of power supply

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Honorable Speaker Eteng Williams (middle) 
6th December 2019

The Cross River State House of Assembly complex located in the heart of Calabar the state capital city has been overrun with debris as at Thursday 5th December NEGROIDHAVEN can say authoritatively.
Our correspondent who paid a working visit to the complex witnessed the waste receptacles located at four designated spots of the vicinity where chock-full with dirts (and even spilling helplessly).
An anonymous source reacting to the development wheb these pictures were uploaded to WhatsApp said: ‘This is a small case compared to the conveniences in the complex. It’s an apology, shit on top shit. 
‘Have aides of Government House and House of Assembly been paid? They’ve worked for more than 3 months…’ Our correspondent could not confirm the state of cleanliness of the conveniences in the Assembly as alleged. 
Chock-full receptacle at the hill descending to the Main Assembly building 

Cram-full receptacle at the wooden office of the account department 

Receptacle at the car park of the Honourable Speaker 

Double receptacle at the road leading up to the rare of the hallowed chamber of the Assembly 

There is a receptacle while you are descending towards the main entrance to the Assembly building housing the offices of Members and other administrative offices etc (this welcomes any visitor), there is another to the right opposite the Assembly building by the wooden office-account department, there is another at the car park of the Speaker (it obviously welcomes Mr Speaker) and two others if you wish to go round the hallowed chamber from the rare —they are all teeming with debris!
Our correspondent met a handful of visitors who were surprised at the gory, unkempt site of the Assembly. They expressed their disappointment. 
Recently, there has been a rave of dirt overrunning the state capital city itself. This has caused Nigerians indigenous to and resident in Cross River to express concern. What we have in the Assembly complex is a mirror/symbolic of the larger society. 
Lack of Power frustrates Assembly sitting 

Meanwhile, our correspondent disclosed that the House of Assembly could not sit yesterday for lack of power supply. 
The Honourable Speaker was not present at the office including other members. 
Some staff and visitors at various offices were seen to be perspiring profusely. No serious business was going on there.