Ground Zero New York -by Princewill Odidi

Princewill Odidi
Today we visited the World Trade Center in New York. For most people within my generation they can remember vividly what and where they were when the two planes struct the World Trade Center in 2001 killing 2977 persons in Wall Street New York.
For me I remember I was driving to my new job then in Atlanta, I tuned on the radio to hear the breaking news of a small plane having struct the towers. Initially we thought it was a regular accident, only within minutes the second plane struct. At that point it was obvious America was under attack.
Over the years the US government has developed the site remarkably. The site Houses the 9/11 museum, Ground Zero, the American memorial. The site means different things to different people. On the location where one of the towers stood, a deep fountain can be seen with names of those who died inscribed in stones, within the premise you will also find remnants and iron steel of one of the buildings.
The new memorial is beautiful, sparkling, elegant with a class of touch. It radiates the American spirit and brings history alive.
It is a great tourist site attracting hundreds of millions of dollars to the State of New York yearly.
Just thinking out loud, Africa has a great history, from the civil wars, Biafra, the slave trade, colonialism, our ancient kingdoms, our revered cultures and traditions, has it occurred to us to build tourist memorials to attract international visitors? Can you imagine how many international tourist would want to visit Africa to see a re-enactment of the slave trade or Biafra war? Do you remember the local bombs made in Nsukka and how we would have preserved that history for future historians and archaeologists? Africa would do better than what we do today if we have visionary leadership and leaders with ideas.
Tourism must not only be natural beauty, tourism can be man made creations. The new World Trade Center often described as the most beautiful place in the world is a man made creation.
I prefer to call this site ground zero, but whatever you call it, whether one World Trade Center or twin towers, to those old enough they can definitely remember what they were doing when the two plains struct in 2001. America has learnt a lot from that experience, it can never happen again.
Islamic terrorism has done to America what Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria. For Americans they never allow the terrorist to define their lives. Americans rebuild immediately terrorist destroy, even though they become more security conscious, they still live their normal lives.
On the morning of September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists affiliated with Al-Qaeda hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, both which were en route to Los Angeles, and intentionally crashed them into the two main towers of the World Trade Center.
The towers collapsed within two hours of the crash. After the collapse of the World Trade Center, hospital workers and law enforcement officers began referring to the World Trade Center site as “Ground Zero”. It was once upon a time.
Odidi writes from Atlanta in Goergia.