C/River House of Assembly now has an official website, highlights infrastructural development in the Assembly complex

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Rt. Hon. Eteng Jonah Williams the Speaker of the 9th  CRSHA 
14 June 2020
The Cross State House of Assembly, on Thursday, as part of activities to mark the 9th assembly one year in office anniversary kicked off its process of e-legislation with the official launching of its website.
In a speech at the press briefing held at the Assembly chambers, the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Eteng Jonah Williams described it as a dream come true and a huge milestone recorded by the 9th assembly, which according to him would make the assembly more accessible to members of the public and the media. 
Williams further stated that information played vital role in legislative processes and law making, adding “if it is technologically driven, it makes the job of the legislature easier and enhances productivity.
The functional website is www.crsassembly.com.ng for now this is the design site. The main site will be “crshoassembly.gov.ng” when ready. 
It is hoped that when the relevant content is provided, the site will provide information on Membership, House Committees, past Hon. Members/Speakers and their Deputies, Clerks, and existing directorates. 
It will also provide information on proceedings, Bills, Motions and major deliberations of the House.  The site will equally display photos, videos and events or news in respect of the House.
Apart from this, the website will bring Honourable Members closer to their constituents and will provide authentic information for proper guidance of members of the public.

In his speech on Democracy Day and marking of the end of the first legislative year of the 9th Cross River State House of Assembly, the Speaker of the 9th CRSHA, Eteng Jonah Williams outlined some of the achievements in the area of welfare and infrastructural development thus:

Repair of broken down generators at both the Assembly Complex and Quarters

Renovation of Generator House.
Renovation of House of Assembly clinic and Police post.
Installation of security lighting system at the gate. 
Repair of 500 KVA transformer.
Desilting of gutters.
Repair/Painting of the gate.
Refurbishing of plumbing works and equipment.
Drilling of bore hole.
Regular/steady payment of electricity bills.
Renovation/Reactivation of failed borehole.
Constant electricity supply through payment of PHEDC Bills and purchase of diesel.
Steady environmental sanitation and
Replacement of water tanks.
In the Assembly complex, the underlisted projects have been carried out.
Major repairs and servicing of generating plant
Repairs of Photocopiers in Business and Rules and Clerk’s Offices
Purchase of Office furniture
Purchase of Video camera for plenary/Committee recordings
Purchase of equipment for House Clinic
Printing of Headed papers
Purchase of Covid-19 preventive items
Installation of CCTV and Walkie Talkie
Redemption of pledges to various churches
Participation in Leboku Festival 2019
Refurbishing of Pick-up vehicles for Deputy Clerk and pool’.