Jane Paddy Ogon, A Star in the Making

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Jane Paddy Ogon
Egem Opue, 3 June 2020 
On the 30th May, 2020, the good people of Mbube East Ward 2 came out in their numbers to elect a dynamic, young, vibrant and industrious lady as councillor to speak and legislate for them in the Ogoja Local Government Council. 
The fact that she won her elections is not a coincidence, as she is a woman who has prepared herself for leadership with her high intellectual prowess, credentials and articulate nature. 
This young woman is not just a blessing to the people of Mbube East Ward 2, her immediate constituency but Ogoja LGA and the entire Cross River State. She is well read, full of initiative, smart, bold and a goal getter who is set to make meaningful progress in the coming days as councillor representing her people. 
Speaking with her, you will agree with me that she feels the pulse of the most vulnerable in her ward and LGA, most importantly as it affects the weak and downtrodden. 
Jane, as she is fondly called by her friends and contemporaries is well read and highly technologically savvy and intelligent who has earned many first in all aspects of life. 
She believes that everyone deserves to be respected and accorded love and respect. Her self respect for elders, and everyone that comes in contact with her is one that speaks volume for her. 
The University of Calabar graduate, is a firebrand. A woman who drives hope to the hopeless, succour and a voice to the voiceless. These were some of the attributes that gave her interest in politics in order to add value and make an impact in the society. 
I am optimistic that she would perform assiduously as Councillor. As she has constantly affirmed that she is open to new ideas that are geared towards moving her people forward and putting Ogoja LGA in her rightful place through her bills and motions she hopes to sponsor and canvass for effective and pragmatic leadership. 
She has come to put smiles on the faces of the many young girls who look up to her as their role model and work for her people.