Nigerians drag Sandy Ojah Onor on social media for a bill and an enlistment

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Sen. Prof. Sandy Ojah Onor of the National Assembly of Nigeria 
16 June 2020 
The lawmaker representing Cross River Central Senatorial District at the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Sandy Ojah Onor popularly called the caterpillar, is currently being dragged on Cross River cyberspace for lack of performance in the last legislative year at the National Assembly (NASS). 
The fundamental argument is that Prof.  Onor was overhyped during the campaigns in 2019. Besides, this perception stems from what the lawmaker reportedly said after the said campaign: on the 26th of May, 2019, Sen. Onor made the following statements — ‘I am not going to the Senate to give my people the excuse of being a FIRST TIMER, to the best of my ability, I will not fail to deliver’. 
One year after one Thomas Ashibi has opined thus: ‘I think that guy is overrated.’
An economist, namely, Barth Abang, while responding to the outlined achievements listed by Onor’s media aide, Modlin Odu, said: ‘The very idea of listing those achievement was ill conceived, this aren’t achievement that better the lots of the man from Central cross river, he seriously needs to buckle up and he should know the people are alot wiser now , those achievement if we can use that word are infinitesimal’. One Akuku Achilles Ugbani described Odu’s reply thus: ‘This guy’s media aide is trying sha. Just hyping the guy without any achievement. Just imagine the disgrace.’ Friday Omini said ‘It now time to work, politics is over, start fulfilling all what you promise us doing campaign and also remember Abi people because we vehemently supported you sir.’ Evalsam Atu a constituent said: ‘First term. 11 months… A representative that knows his or her onions won’t make excuses for non performance. Senator Elisha Abbo a first time senator is making waves for his constituency, Rep Bamidele is also doing his best and empowering his constituency for life after his tenure and not handouts of 50k 100k each time. So our representative should sit up and understand that the Nigeria political terrain as a representative is different from the US or UK.’ Osonabiji Ojong of the All Progressives Congress said ‘These guys don’t understand its not about their personality or class, but the outreach and the people’s perception of you and your works. In all, I pray God helps us.’
But sympathisers of Sandy Onor have disagreed with critics of the professorial lawmaker. Particularly, media aide Odu has outlined his achievements in office after one year in a thread titled FACT SHEET OF SENATOR SANDY ONOR’S ONE YEAR IN OFFICE thus: ‘Sen. Prof Sandy Onor was inaugurated into office precisely on June 12, 2019. Of the 11 months and two weeks he has spent in office, 8 months was spent judiciously in moving and supporting valid motions; a primary responsibility which is uncommon for a first timer in the midst of very seasoned law makers some of whom have spent 12 years and counting in the Senate, this got him the title, Orator of the 9th Senate. The remaining 4 months have been affected by the global pandemic which halted activities everywhere in the World until recently when measures of managing the deadly virus was introduced. 
-The Bill for an Act to establish Advanced Health Care Development Fund which has passed Second Reading is sponsored by Sen. Prof Sandy Ojang Onor. 
-Institute of Technology and Management, Ugep is now officially enlisted in TETFUND as one of its beneficiary institutions by Sen. Prof Sandy Ojang Onor.
-There is an ongoing road construction and Erosion control project in Biajua, Boki Local Government Area, a leftover of his predecessor being facilitated by Sen. Prof Sandy Ojang Onor. 
-Jobs have been given to many in different places including UNICAL not forgetting many who were on scholarship even before he became a Senator and those who are currently on it but your unconstructive criticism should not be glorified with the provision of names since you couldn’t be meticulous enough to gather factual information. 
-500 vulnerable families have been penned down to benefit from Palliatives. This is away from the ones who have received cash assistance on individual basis since the Covid-19 pandemic broke and it is not a right but out of love and concern for his constituents.’
Given the strict responsibility of a lawmaker in Nigeria which borders on legislation and check and balances, according to Odu the media aide to Onor, the professor has made two achievements in office for one year: a Bill for an Act to establish Advanced Health Care Development Fund; official enlisting of Institute of Technology and Management, Ugep as one of the beneficiary institutions in TETFUND. 

Just a bill that is not yet law and an enlistment that has not secured funding yet — Isn’t this what a first timer should literally have done? Again, given the quality of emolument in Nigeria, is this justifiable for a person who bragged over a year ago that he won’t go there as a first timer? 

A Nigerian senator gets a monthly running cost of N13.5 million Naira that must be receipted and monthly salary of 750,000 that is not receipted for. This does not capture other financial benefits.