NYCN Decides: CPC list is authenticated by Commissioner for youth …Ndiyo

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Prince Ndiyo Ndiyo the Cross River Chair of NYCN 
12 June 2020
Following controversies surrounding the constitution of the Central Planning Committee (CPC) of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) in Cross River state in view of the 2020 state elections, the incumbent state chair, Prince Ndiyo Ndiyo has explained that the CPC list is authenticated by the Honourable Commissioner for Youth in the state, Signor Idiege Omang NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered. 
Prince Ndiyo who disclosed this exclusively to our correspondent on Thursday further noted that the list is a product of popular nomination from designated stakeholders and institutions in the NYCN in the state. 

According to Prince Ndiyo, ‘The Commissioner for Youth gave a consent to what we are doing. He’s aware, that is why the list was signed by both me and the director of administration of the Ministry whom the Commissioner advised we should work with directly.

‘The Commissioner has spoken with those nominees which came from different quota, our constitution also says that nominees should be supported by people. People supported it. The VYO Chairman is in total support of it as an organisation. The State EXCO members are in support of it, it must not be all the members of the state EXCO.’
NYCN candidature 
Ndiyo denied his awareness of anybody vying for any office in the state EXCO of NYCN. He argued that someone is confirmed to be a candidate on the strength of having picked nomination forms for election. For him, none has done that to the best of his knowledge. Because none has done that, no CPC member could be said to be biased while supporting any candidate. 
His words, ‘I don’t know who is contesting election. As far as I am concerned, there is nobody who is contesting an election. Nobody has picked a form. It is from now henceforth that you will know if a CPC member is biased… I don’t know of anybody who is contesting an election, officially I don’t know. I am not aware that anybody is campaigning for anybody. 
‘The justification is that those CPC members are approved by the Commisooner for Youth; after collecting nominations from different persons, stakeholders… the commissioner authenticated it and approved that we should go ahead with the procedure. This is in tandem with the constitution… Section 11. 
‘The nominations were supported by different people: the VC central from my EXCO, myself, the PRO also supported it, even the State Secretary Victor Ndifon was briefed on who will be the CPC chairman, this is when we can say who is campaigning for who. 
‘You are only confirmed to be part of the  election when you have bought form as a candidate.’ Ndiyo argued.

The membership of the CPC of NYCN in Cross River is as follows:
1. Attah Etim Attah.. chairman
2. Victor bassey secretary
3. Eyo boco
4. Emma takon
5. Emma olayi
6. Ukor brown and
7. Mrs immaculata Ekpenyong.

NYCN CPC has the responsibility of planning elections and preparing elections materials.