About Us

NegroidHaven is a new media public reputation management
firm that engages in content development, publishing and advertising.
As content development company it prepares fair, balanced,
accurate and prompt news articles for reportage especially on politics,
entertainment, sports and general occurrences in Nigeria and across the world.
As a publishing organisation it disseminate/print (soft copies) of articles
developed by our staff or other articles sent in for publication to the public.
Being an advertising institution we bring the products and services of
designated brands to the notice of our teeming fans.
NegroidHaven has been doing business online for over two
years and has risen to become the most vibrant blog in Cross River. Daily visit
to our site has been impressive.


However, as part of its corporate social responsibility
NegroidHaven upholds freedom of speech by encouraging citizen journalism. It
dares to publish the truth about official corruption and damns the consequences
which is one defining feature captured in its motto —’… Truth in view of
Africa’s liberty!’