Supreme Court Verdict: Is Stephen Odey still a Senator?

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The Supreme Court made no consequential order, so Stephen Odey is still the Senator?

By consequential order you mean the Supreme Court needed to make a pronouncement like Stephen Odey is no longer the Senator or Jarigbe Agom should be sworn in or something like that.

Ok. So, since the Supreme Court didn’t say anything like this that means Stephen Odey is still the senator, abi?

Wait, wait, wait. Don’t let lawyers or anyone deceive you. You don’t have to be a lawyer to use your head in this matter. Come, let’s reason together.

Why did Stephen Odey go to the Supreme Court? Do you remember? Let me remind you: because there was an order of the FCT High Court declaring Jarigbe Agom the PDP Candidate and in extension the winner of the by election. The Court of Appeal upheld this order and INEC had to issue Jarigbe a certificate of return.

That’s why Stephen Odey went to the Supreme Court.

So, if you say the Supreme Court didn’t make any consequential order, did they set aside any order? Did they set aside the order of the Court of Appeal that INEC acted on to issue Jarigbe a certificate of return?

Are you using your head now?

The Supreme Court didn’t have to make any consequential order. By dismissing the appeal of Stephen Odey, it means that the order of the Court of Appeal declaring Jarigbe senator elect, stands.

Are you using your head now? Please use it, if not these politicians and political lawyers will use it for you.

Use your head iyeh, it’s your constitutional right.

– Written By First Baba Isa (FBI)