The Economics of Wasting Olive Oil in Nigeria… By – Charles Awuzie

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In 2021, Spain made 3.9 Billion USD from producing and exporting Virgin Olive Oil…

In the Same year, Italy made $1.7 Billion USD from producing and exporting Virgin Olive Oil.

But in 2021, Nigeria produced ZERO virgin olive oil but SPENT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS importing Virgin Olive Oil.

What do we do with the imported olive oil which contributes to the devaluation of our Naira?

We don’t even cook with it…

We waste it on religious altars in the name of casting out demons or anointing church members.

This is simple economics – you spend millions of dollars to buy what you will waste and expect the Naira to rise through prophecy? The joke is on us.

In Spain, despite making almost 4 Billion USD from olive oil, you will never see any Spanish person waste olive oil like Nigerian prophets.

This is the secret of rich countries and the reason behind Poverty in African countries.

Ask the prophet in the pictures here why the Naira keeps falling and he will blame Buhari without knowing that his Religiosity is bleeding the economy too.

This is the economics of wasting olive oil in Nigeria.