Akpanke and Idagbo Showcase Unbreakable Bond Amidst Differing Party Affiliations

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CalabarDuring a Thanksgiving service organised by the Idagbo family at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Calabar, Hon. Peter Akpanke, the representative for Obanliku, Bekwara, Obudu Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, expressed deep admiration for his predecessor, Rt. Hon. Legor Idagbo, lauding him for his maturity and display of affection NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

In a rare display of unity and camaraderie, Akpanke extolled Idagbo’s noteworthy contributions to the political landscape of Cross River State, emphasising the unprecedented approach he brought to politics. One significant example he cited was Idagbo’s gracious phone call to congratulate him after the election results were announced, pledging not to pursue legal action, a promise he kept.

Urging young people to emulate Idagbo’s brand of politics, Calabar Parrot observed that, Akpanke underscored the genuine friendship they share, highlighting that their differing party affiliations have not caused any division between them. He called for an end to any conflicts arising from political ambitions, urging his followers and Idagbo’s supporters to let go of any animosity, as he and Idagbo maintain a harmonious relationship.

Deputy Governor Peter Odey (in pairs of sunglasses, middle) in a handshake with former Chief of General Staff to Gov Ben Ayade (R)

Akpanke also expressed his appreciation for Idagbo’s unwavering support since assuming office as the new Member of Parliament for the Federal Constituency, noting that Idagbo has consistently offered guidance and assistance whenever needed.

“Legor has always been there for me, even when I call him at midnight, he still takes my calls and puts me through. If you are my supporter and you are having issues with Legor or his supporters, I will advise that you let it go because I and Legor are not quarreling. On the other hand, if you are Legor’s supporter and you have issues with me or any of my supporters, please let it die because me and Legor are not fighting; we are brothers, and party affiliation will not separate us,” he adamantly stated.

Rt. Hon. Legor Idagbo, in turn, reflected on his political journey, expressing gratitude to God for providing him with numerous opportunities to serve the people. The Thanksgiving service was also a moment to acknowledge God’s blessings for his younger brother, who has been a priest for 18 years.

In his sermon during the service, Rev. Father Bob Emmanuel urged parishioners to practice forgiveness, as God continually forgives their own trespasses.