Calabar Municipal Rep Joins Youth and Sport C’tee in Oversight Visit to C’River Sports Commission

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CalabarHon. Stanley Nsemo, the Member representing Calabar Municipal State Constituency, contributed in a significant step towards revitalising the sports sector in Cross River state. Alongside fellow committee members, he embarked on the first oversight function of the Youth and Sport Committee, a move that underscores the commitment of the state to restore and elevate its sporting facilities and programmes NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed.

The oversight function commenced with a visit to the Cross River Sports Commission, where the committee sought to assess the extent of damage and decay currently plaguing the commission. The team was joined by Hon. Nsemo, who has consistently advocated for the enhancement of sports infrastructure and opportunities in the state.

A notable highlight of the visit was a comprehensive tour of the sports facilities. Hon. Nsemo and Hon. Mrs. Mercy Akpama, PhD, who serves as the committee Chairman, embarked on the tour to closely observe the conditions of the sporting venues. The duo engaged with the staff of the commission, assuring them that their concerns and pleas would be relayed to the state Governor. The committee’s dedication to addressing the issues facing the sporting sector is evident in its commitment to initiate positive change.

Also present during the tour were other committee members who share the vision for rejuvenating Cross River State’s sporting landscape. Hon. Charles Omang, representing Bekwarra, and Hon. Victor Ekpenyong Nsa, Member representing Calabar South 2, lent their voices and insights during the visit. Their collective assessment of the facilities and discussions with the commission’s staff form a crucial part of the committee’s comprehensive approach to restoration.

The significance of this oversight visit cannot be overstated. It signifies a vital stride towards a rejuvenated sports sector in Cross River State. The collaborative efforts of Hon. Stanley Nsemo, Hon. Akpama, and the entire Youth and Sport Committee echo the state’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for athletic development and achievement.

As the committee gathers firsthand information about the state of the State Sports Commission, the hope and optimism for a revival in the sporting sector grow stronger. With Hon. Nsemo’s contribution, alongside the dedication of fellow committee members, the journey towards uplifting sports in Cross River is well underway.