Bakassi Fish Festival Partners Catfish Farmers Association to Empower Local Fishing Communities

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In a bid to promote and empower fishing communities around the Bakassi peninsula, the Cross River State Catfish Farmers Association of Nigeria (CAFAN) has been requested to partner with the Bakassi Fish Festival International. This was contained in a letter addressed last week to the state leadership of CAFAN and sighted by our correspondent. The festival is scheduled to take place on September 26 and 27, 2023, in Esuk Mkperawa, Ikang Town, Bakassi LGA NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

The Bakassi Fish Festival International, which was established in 2022, aims to celebrate the rich fishing heritage of the region and develop sustainable approaches to improve fishing and related activities for generations to come. The festival serves as a platform for people from diverse cultures, regions, tribes, and languages to come together in recognition of this vital aspect of the community’s identity.

As part of their partnership, CAFAN will provide training in fish farming, processing, and storage to Bakassi fishermen and women. Additionally, CAFAN members will have the opportunity to showcase their fish and fish products at the festival’s grand finale on September 27th.

The collaboration is expected to have a significant economic impact on the Bakassi community, with projections indicating a potential 40% boost in the local economy by the end of 2024. The festival will also feature various activities such as fishing competitions, boat racing, pageantry, wrestling, and fish painting.

This partnership highlights the commitment of CAFAN and the Bakassi Fish Festival International to empower local fishing communities, preserve their traditions, and foster economic growth in the region. The organizers of the festival eagerly await CAFAN’s participation and look forward to a successful collaboration. For further inquiries and communication, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the festival organizers promptly.