ENTERTAINMENT : 25 Active Event MCs in the metropolitan city of Calabar

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Calabar, NigeriaThe city of Calabar, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant entertainment scene, boasts a diverse pool of talented Master of Ceremonies (MCs) who add flair and excitement to various events. A recent social media inquiry by a netizen sparked a discussion about the active MCs in Calabar, and the responses showcased the city’s lively entertainment industry. Here are twenty five, 25 active event MCs in Calabar, as mentioned by residents NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

And in no particular order NEGROIDHAVEN’s entertainment desk has identified the following:

1. Diana-Mary Nsan

2. Elder Josiah

3. Mc Daiok

4. Terem Igbodor

5. Effiong Ekpenyong JP

6. Faith Okon

7. Gloria Henry Edet

8. Thelma Plethora Benson

9. Jimmy Asako

10. King CharliebazCfr

11. Nsikak Ibatt

12. Senator (Ikpang)

13. Mc George

14. Dr. Lokosmith Okonn

15. Mc Oyoyo Promise Stanley

16. Mc Veek Praiz III

17. Ukamaka Richard

18. Effiong Edet (MC Seto)

19. MC Skylion

20. Henry Bassey (MC Prof)

21. MC RMB

22. Daniel Eno

23. MC Roza

24. MC Equator Brown

25. Amarachukwu Ugwu

These MCs contribute to the vibrant event industry in Calabar, enhancing weddings, parties, cultural festivals, corporate functions, birthdays celebration and more with their engaging hosting skills. Their ability to captivate audiences and create memorable experiences has solidified their positions as sought-after event MCs in the ancient port city.

However, the fact has to be made that a majority of these event MCs are mostly comedians or comediennes. Some barely introduce comedy into their ‘MCing’, in this category we have broadcast journalists and OAPs who work with electronic media houses littered in the state capital, they are plainly compere.

Be that as it may, Calabar’s entertainment scene continues to thrive, thanks to the dedication and talent of these MCs who bring events to life with their charisma and professionalism. As the city remains a hub for cultural celebrations and entertainment, these MCs play an essential role in ensuring that every event is a success.

Whether it’s Elder Josiah’s traditional charm, Thelma Plethora Benson’s energy, Mc Veek Praiz III’s wit, or even Diana-Mary Nsan’s class act Calabar’s MCs add their unique touch to events, making them truly unforgettable.


About Calabar

Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State in Nigeria, is renowned for its cultural diversity, warm hospitality, and vibrant entertainment scene. It hosts numerous festivals, including the famous Calabar Carnival, which attracts tourists and visitors from around the world. The city’s entertainment industry continues to grow, with MCs and event hosts playing a pivotal role in its success. Plan to attend the 2023 edition of Africa’s biggest street party, Carnival Calabar already themed for this year, ‘Season of Sweetness’ (It holds every December).



EDITORIAL: Majority of this list of MCs provided is based on responses from the Facebook inquiry made by one Chef Deborah Okon (the palmwine chef) and may not be exhaustive. Calabar’s entertainment industry features many talented professionals who contribute to its vibrancy.