Her Voice Foundation Empowers Teenage Mothers and At-Risk Girls: A 2023 Recap

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Calabar – Her Voice Foundation (HVF) unveils its impactful 2023 Annual Report, showcasing a plethora of initiatives aimed at empowering teenage mothers and at-risk girls. The foundation, formerly known as Campus Babe Initiative (CBI), operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing holistic support, encompassing Second-Chance Education (SCE), entrepreneurship skills, healthcare, counseling, and other opportunities for teenage mothers to thrive NEGROIDHAVEN can say.

In Bekwarra Local Government Area, a Town Hall Meeting brought together over 500 participants, including teenage mothers, community stakeholders, and local government representatives. The event aimed to foster dialogue and increase stakeholder commitment to enhancing care for teenage mothers. Food items were distributed to the teenage mothers, and crucial messages on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Education, self-esteem, consent, and menstrual health were conveyed.

The Her Voice Radio Show, a partnership with Unical Radio International (103.5) FM, delivered six impactful episodes throughout the year. Each episode shared the compelling stories of teenage mothers, offering a platform for them to voice their experiences. From stories of educational triumph to entrepreneurial pursuits, the show emphasized the importance of acknowledging the value of teenage mothers’ voices.

A Benefiary of Her Voice Foundation interventions

A hundred girls received startup kits, fostering entrepreneurship and independence. This initiative reflects HVF’s commitment to providing tangible support for young girls to establish their small businesses and secure financial stability.

Twelve Community Mobilization Initiatives targeted harmful sexual and cultural practices, while 127 teenage mothers were granted a second chance through the Second Chance Education Programme. This comprehensive initiative provides scholarships, educational materials, and school kits to guide teenage mothers through their secondary education, empowering them for a brighter future.

Partnering with G.F.O Orim Foundation and the Industrial Training Fund, Her Voice Foundation trained 130 teenage mothers in entrepreneurship skills, offering them the tools to enhance their livelihoods and income.

Beneficiaries of the entrepreneurial intervention of HVF

Through the Girl-Up Project, Her Voice Foundation impacted over 3,000 girls across seven secondary schools, advocating for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Education. The campaign engaged teenage mothers, transforming them into advocates against teenage pregnancy, using their stories to inspire and educate others on the risks associated.

Formerly known as Campus Babe Initiative (CBI), Her Voice Foundation envisions a world where every teenage mother and at-risk girl is given a second chance to thrive and gain control of their desired future. The foundation’s mission is to empower teenage mothers and at-risk girls by providing access to education, healthcare, livelihood support, SRHR education, and other second-chance opportunities.

In their relentless pursuit of social change, Her Voice Foundation continues to serve as a beacon of hope, championing the cause of teenage mothers and at-risk girls in Cross River State.