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Calabar –In a remarkable academic achievement, the Deputy Governor of Cross River state, Hon. Peter Odey, has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation in Peace Studies & Conflict Management at the University of Calabar. The defence took place on Tuesday, marking the culmination of five years of dedicated studies NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

Hon. Odey’s academic journey showcases an impressive commitment to learning and intellectual pursuits. With a background in Sociology (B.Sc), International Relations (M.Sc), Law (LLB), and previous master’s degree in Peace & Conflict Studies, his latest achievement of a Ph.D. underscores his diverse academic interests and pursuit of knowledge.

Fred Abua Esq., the Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor, expressed hearty congratulations to his principal on this significant milestone. He commended the Deputy Governor for his resilience, focus, and dedication to scholarly endeavors, citing him as an exemplary figure for all young people aspiring to make a mark in various fields.

Hon. Odey’s academic accomplishments paint a picture of a leader committed to personal development and equipped with a multidisciplinary understanding of crucial subjects such as peace, conflict management, law, and international relations.

This achievement not only adds to the academic prowess of Hon. Odey but also highlights the importance of continuous learning and intellectual growth in public service.

As at press time, hundreds of congratulatory messages have been pouring in especially via social acknowledging the academic feat of Odey.