SHRD Sports Management: Driving Sports Development in Africa

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In the dimension of sports development, SHRD Sports Management stands as a beacon of innovation and progress. With a foundation in Europe and a focus on the African continent, the company has dedicated itself to working with communities to cultivate various sports talent and harness the energy of the Africa’s youth population NEGROIDHAVEN has learnt.

Over the past decade, SHRD Sports Management has managed various sports federations, including the Nigerian Strongest Man Federation, the Nigeria Curling Federation, the Nigeria DanceSport Federation and etc.Their objective? To provide Nigerian talents with exposure, support, and sponsorship opportunities, empowering them to reach their full potential on the global stage.

On Easter Friday 29th December 2024, SHRD Sports Management launched the highly successful first of its kind Calabar Dancesport event tagged Calabar go Dance, marking the beginning of a new era in dance competition in Nigeria. This event showcased the vibrancy and talent of Nigerian dancers while providing a platform for them to shine on an international scale.

Looking ahead, SHRD Sports Management plans to further expand its footprint in Calabar the Cross River capital metropolis with the upcoming launch of the Calabar Strongest Man event later this year. This initiative aligns with the transformational efforts of Prince Bassey Edet Otu in the realm of sports and youth development, aiming to make Calabar a hub for sporting and entertainment excellence in Africa.

Beyond the thrill of competition, the economic impact of the Calabar Dancesport event Calabar go dance was substantial. The engagement of DJs, ushers, hoteliers, caterers, interior decorators, photographers, and printers injected vitality into the local economy. With over six members flying in from Europe and 20 support staff from the SHRD office in Lagos, the event provided a massive boost to Calabar’s economic landscape.

As SHRD Sports Management continues to spearhead sports development initiatives across Africa, their commitment to fostering talent, promoting growth, and driving economic prosperity remains unwavering. With each event they organize, they strive to leave a lasting impact on communities and inspire the next generation of athletes and sports enthusiasts.