Quality Leadership In Kano State Governor -Kwankwaso

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  Its been asserted
by many that the best form of leadership Is leading by example. You cannot be
saying one thing but doing another. During the APC 2014 convention of wed.,10 December
while the presidential primaries were on going a bomb blast occurred at the
kano textile market claiming, as at the time, the lives of about five Nigerians
and inflicting injuries on many.
  Whereas the
Governor, Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso, being a contender for the APC presidential slot
was at the venue of the primary election. But on being tipped about the news of
the bomb blast zoomed off to kano while still contending in the primaries. He demonstrated
leadership by prioritizing the security of his state over his political
ambition at the APC primaries.

  Nigerians need more
of such selfless politicians.