Engr Ben Akak: an Ivory Tower of Charity

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It is baffling to truly comprehend the Humanitarian crisis that has and is still bedevilling the whole world because of the surge of the New Corona Virus Pandemic. We have witnessed the contraction of major world economies occasioned by phased lockdowns. This untoward situation has affected immensely the livelihoods of citizens of the world especially those at the lowest rung of the economic ladder.

Nigeria is already a very poor country in terms of our Human Development Index which is pegged at low. This worrisome circumstance has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic; ultimately leading to a recession in our dear country. The attendant effect of the aforesaid is evident in the economic turmoil and hardship faced by many Nigerians and Cross Riverians alike.

It is in times like these that the greatest virtues of men are unlocked. These virtues are expressed in the humanitarian efforts of charitable individuals and organisations to alleviate the sufferings of the poorest in our country Nigeria and Cross River state. This fortunately is the hallmark of the phenomenon and the person Engr Ben Akak and his Foundation.

Engr Ben Akak Foundation has elevated the generic mandate of the advancement of the human race to its peak. This is made manifest because of the Foundation’s core objective of putting smiles on the faces of people as exemplified by the staunch belief of Engr Ben Akak that the primary purpose of people of influence in the society is to better the lot of others.

Little wonder, Engr Ben Akak Foundation has traversed the length and breadth of Cross River State providing succour to families, individuals and the poorest in our Communities. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates said in his book titled “My Vision” that the principle that should govern those in positions of influence is “the love of God and the love of the people”. This sums up the driving force and ideal of the Engr Ben Akak Foundation.

The love of GOD (Yahweh) which cannot be relayed without the love of the people is the epicentre of the many humanitarian efforts of Engr Ben Akak as demonstrated by his Foundation.

Victor Ndifon is a Media Consultant to Engr Ben Akak and his Foundation.