JARIGBE Vs ODEY: How my Yala grandmother and mother raised me not to… First Baba Isa discloses

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F. Baba Isa a Nigerian lawyer popularly referred to as FBI has said he will not because of politics, political conviction or political support for a public officer sacrifice his sense of decency and brotherhood on the altar of insult and name calling of some other persons who do not hold a similar position like himself NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

According to Lawyer Isa, his grandmother and mother of Yala nativity in northern Cross River did not raise him that way.

Isa made this disclosure two days ago after Ebriku John Friday, an avid supporter of Dr Stephen Odey the incumbent lawmaker representing Cross River North Senatorial District, called him out on social media raining insults and name calling him because of the position he took while being interviewed on AIT this week, a private television broadcasting network.

His words, ‘How we express these divergent opinions, however, matters; those who want to descend to the pit of insults and name calling should go ahead and bury themselves therein; I won’t go in there with them. I won’t sacrifice decency and brotherhood for politics; that’s not how our Yala mothers raised us. Or maybe mine raised me differently.’

Observing earlier, Isa said ‘No matter what I say, as long as I hold the opinion that Jarigbe ought to be sworn in, I will sound “unintelligent” to him and his ilk (Isa is referring to Friday). And to be fair to him, that’s okay… No matter what Bwhala said yesterday, Jarigbe supporters also think he sounded “unintelligent”.

‘It is puerile to start calling people names and insinuating that their value have reduced because they hold a different opinion; it is a failing of your intellectual maturity, not theirs.

‘I don’t believe Dr Stephen Odey should remain in the Red Chambers; I believe Jarigbe should be sworn in… But there will never be a day I express my opinion and call Stephen Odey names. My Yala mother and grandmother didn’t raise me like that.’

The initial name-calling thread by Friday that inspired Isa’s reaction reads thus: ‘FBI have to go on sabbatical to have enough time to study and come and defend Jari’s dark litigations on TV, yet he woble(sic) and fumble… (sic).

Despite his explanation, Friday and a handful of others still believe Isa goofed in his AIT outing this week.

several months after Agom’s victory at the Supreme Court, he is yet to be sworn in to begin his legislative duties in the same vein as the senate has blatantly refused to communicate with him while his opponent whom the Supreme Court has already ruled against is still attending plenary sessions, according to a ThisDay publication.

The Legal Department of the National Assembly had reportedly advised the Senate President that he should be sworn in, in compliance with the judgement of the apex Court and the Certificate of Return issued to him by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).