Virtual Influencers: the New Influencers and the Questions they Command

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As the world watches the entry of virtual influencers (artificial intelligence characters generated by computers) into social media to replace human influencers with majority of them delivering peak performance in terms of incredible content creation, fascinating story buildup and social construction engagement across diverse platforms with mass followership; the jobs of thought-leaders and opinion molders are being put on threat-alert.

The meteoric rise of virtual influencers like Angelina, Lil Miquela, Shudu Bermuda, Blawko, and Imma to global fame has demonstrated beyond words that virtual influencers can take on all issues and provide realtime intelligent response to their audience in fraction of seconds without delays.

The question now on the global labor market radar is “What does this portend in terms of job security, corporate mass communication strategy for companies and organisations, personnel enlistment cost and deliverable portfolios of post-traditional job type?”

In a capitalistic driven workplace environment, where profit is both the motive and balance-sheet determinant with operating cost seen as irritant that must be reduced, it is just a matter of time before layoffs will hit the global communication superstructure with the objective of downsizing, reducing personnel based cost and actualising both by enlisting the usage of virtual influencers in fantastic content construction, breathtaking storyline development and dependable social engagement strategies to keep customers glue to existing and new product circle matrices.

Performance Consultant like myself have profess that, the development, acquisition and introduction of virtual influencers into the matrix of social media communications means a cut in both the vertical column and horizontal row of personnel size and utilisation respectively.

Hence the next time, you see someone applying to read mass communication and so on, do well to remind them that they have an unpaid and powerful competitor in virtual influencer.



Richard F INOYO,

Principal Consultant,

Carthinium Portfolios and Owners