Letter: US-based Reno Omokri writes a Nigerian resident in northern Nigeria

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This 7 paragraphs letter to Muhammad Saleh Kamphala a Nigerian of northern Nigeria indigenisation and residency by Reno Omokri the former media aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria touches on inequality, insecurity occasioned by Fulani Herdsmen and bandits and polarisation of the Nigerian state under incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari. 



‘Even if I am jailed or killed, how does it help you, and your family and your region? Can any Nigerian travel in the North without first writing his will? Where is safe in the North?

‘The bandits and herdsmen I am fighting can’t get to me. But they can get to you. Yet, it is me you wish to jail, not them! So you think it is better for you to jail a Southerner who is fighting for your right and embrace a herdsman or bandit who is after your life?

‘Do you know how many people were killed by herdsmen and bandits in the North last week? Almost 400. In just one week. Do you know how many people Reno Omokri has killed in the North? Zero. Instead, I have Northern orphans from Borno in the orphanage I built with my money.

‘Google it. During this last Ramadan, I fasted in solidarity with Muslims. I gave food and money to Muslims. I did this to show that my struggle is against injustice and not against Northern Muslims.

‘When we were in government, we built 165 almajiri schools for Northerners. We built 9 new federal universities. We built the 187 KM Abuja-Kaduna railway. We gave 2100 Northern youths grants of $50,000 through YouWIN to start businesses.

‘Please verify thus. In 2017, I asked Facebook to add Hausa as the first official language from Nigeria on their app. For that, a friend and brother of mine publicly insulted me and called me a bootlicker of the North. I did that, because I felt that having Hausa on Facebook will attract more Northerners to the app and help promote unity between North and South.

‘Dear Muhammad, I believe you are not a munafiq. See beyond ethnicity and religion. Fear God, and answer this question: How has Reno Omokri shown hatred for Northern Nigerian Muslims?

‘Thank you and may God bless you.’