2022 global predictions by Apostle Joel Ogebe

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‘Secrets from the Seer’s Desk of what is to Come’ was the title of the latest predictions by Apostle Joel Ogebe which touched on Covid-19 Vaccine, other health issues, global economy, the Church, etc.

Covid-19 Vaccine…

I weep for those who were pressured to take the vaccine; in less than 2 years, you will understand what you’ve done to yourself. They are targeting public figures who spoke against he vaccine and killing them with COVID-19 to destroy the faith of their followers, but we are seers, and we know truth.


I’m not a prophet of doom; I’m a prophet of truth. This year is divided into 3 days, and I explained it in my prophecy for the year. Famine is coming… From the end of February, that’s the first day of the year and it will last till the first week of June. Like I said, it will be a famine caused by siege.


Don’t you know there is a rush happening? Events in time are being fast forward! What was supposed to be progressive is now compacted. Every month, this year from March will represent 1 or more years. The events of the 3 days for 2022 are actually things that were supposed to happen progressively within 10 years, but they are being rushed. Truly, Satan knows he does not have time. We are in the end already. I speak as one who hears God. This year will reveal a lot.

Skin disease…

Your prophets told you, “There’s peace ahead.” they lied to you! They have eyes that do not see, and they have never heard the true voice. War is coming. An asteroid will hit earth this year, and many will perish, a disease I saw 2 years ago that will affect the skin of people will be released this year, and nations will go to war. Those around coastal cities please relocated.


I told the world to begin to take their money from Banks, buy food and provision and keep, don’t joke with it. The day of Noah is near.

I wish the world knows the tests and trials that will begin in a few months’ time upon the earth. Oh, I wish the world knows. The pain will be unbearable for the unprepared. You will see this word come to pass, but you may not be able to use social media at that time… prepare!!



Apostle Joel Ogebe

Monday 10th January 2022